Watch: Barack Obama's Sister Gets Tear Gassed During Protest, Enraged During CNN Interview


During a protest in Nairobi, Kenya, on Monday, Auma Obama –the half-sister of former President Barack Obama — was tear gassed.

The African country has been mired in widespread protests in response to new legislation that would increase taxes on its citizens this week.

Kenyan lawmakers voted the bill in despite the protests, angering many citizens already struggling with the incredibly high cost of living, according to The Associated Press.

Obama spoke with CNN correspondent Larry Madowo following the incident on Monday, and found herself subject to more torment from the gas and its aftereffects.

You can see the clip of it uploaded by Trending Politics co-owner Collin Rugg below:

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Obama struggled to speak during the interview as the effects of the tear gas had just started to exacerbate.

“I can’t believe that these young people are just trying to demonstrate for their rights… and they’re being tear gassed, we’re being tear gassed,” Obama told Madowo, while choking and coughing.

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She added: “We have flags and banners, nothing else.”

Obama went on to voice her issue with the newly proposed taxation bill.

“For me, the most important thing is that… they’re touching our ancestral land, our ancestral land where we bury our people,” Obama said.

Obama lamented: “How can you tax us on land that belonged to us forever?”

Following the interview, CNN‘s Madowo is shown fleeing the scene as additional tear gas begins floating his way.

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Yelling, explosions and other chaotic sounds can be heard in the background.

The protests escalated on Tuesday, as did the resulting violence.

According to The Associated Press, thousands of protesters stormed Kenya’s parliament building.

Legislators who voted in favor of the bill fled the building via a tunnel, while those who had opposed it walked out without fear of retaliation, as reported by The Hill.

Authorities opened fire on the demonstrators and at least eight are reported dead, the AP reported.

Additionally, a rampant fire burned a portion of the parliament building.

The violence spread to other cities as well.

The Associated Press described the scene as “the most direct assault on the government in decades.”

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