Watch: Biden Bumbles His Way Through Explaining COVID Relief Bill


President Joe Biden made a rare public appearance to attempt an explanation of the COVID-19 relief bill that was recently passed in the Senate. The results were just as lackluster as one would expect.

Biden stumbled through the speech without really saying much of substance. John Dennis, a Republican congressional candidate from Nancy Pelosi’s 12th district in California, tweeted a video of just one instance where Biden struggled to get his point across.

Democrats have criticized Republicans for attacking Biden’s speeches. They say he has a stutter, and therefore it is unkind to point out his bumbling. Some would argue that the real mistreatment comes from those who continue to hold up a man who is apparently struggling and make him the head of the Democratic party.

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When you are the leader of the free world, you are going to be expected to address the public on a regular basis. In addition, you are going to be scrutinized for what you say, which is an idea Democrats had no problem with during Donald Trump’s presidency.

If Biden is unable to get through routine speeches, the Democratic party should have thought twice before they bolstered him as their savior.

Yet even putting aside the problems with the delivery, the content of the speech was just as worrisome.

“More than 400 small businesses closed unnecessarily,” Biden said. “Millions of people out of work through no fault of their own — I want to emphasize that — through no fault of their own.”

Is President Biden mentally capable of leading the country?

In reality, hundreds of thousands of small businesses have closed, but that is technically more than 400. Sarcasm aside, Biden is ignoring the real reason for these closures.

The reason that hundreds of thousands of businesses were forced to shutter is due in large part to lockdowns that were pushed in Democratic states. While these may have been explainable at the beginning of the pandemic, data now shows that these shutdowns have outlived their usefulness.

As of March 7, the number of daily new cases in the United States was down to 41,967, according to Worldometers. That is a decrease of over 266,000 from the peak of 308,301 new cases on Jan. 8.

This massive decrease would suggest that we have largely controlled the pandemic with vaccines and other mitigation efforts. It also means it is safe and necessary for Americans to go back to work.

Biden claims that this relief plan will encourage Americans to re-join the workforce and create new jobs.

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“This will create millions of new jobs — it’s estimated over 6 million new jobs by itself; increase the Gross Domestic Product by a trillion dollars; put our nation in a position to out-compete the rest of the world …” Biden said.

He does not give any evidence of this claim, but there is certainly plenty of evidence to the contrary. In an opinion article from the Wall Street Journal, notable economists Casey B. Mulligan and Stephen Moore estimated that the relief package will in fact kill 5 to 7 million American jobs.

In addition, the Washington Examiner said that the U.S. economy experienced a net gain of nearly 400,000 jobs in February as the unemployment rate dropped to 6.2 percent.

By shelling out massive amounts of money to American families, the Biden administration will effectively stymie that progress.

Since many of the benefits are tax-free, the bill incentivizes Americans to stay home and receive benefits instead of going back to work. In Massachusetts, for example, the Journal said that the benefits package would “exceed the wages and salaries of at least 85% of households.”

If people are making more money by sitting on their couch than they would be by actively working, they are probably going to keep sitting on the couch. It doesn’t take an expert to tell you that.

Instead of admitting that the pandemic is winding to a close, Democrats are pushing the narrative that it may not end for a long time. For that reason, they say, Americans must rely on the government to save them.

Between his incoherent rambling, Biden attempted to make the point that the government is the only one who can save us from this crisis. This argument is not only untrue, but also potentially devastating to the economy.

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Grant is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. He has five years of writing experience with various outlets and enjoys covering politics and sports.
Grant is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a bachelor's degree in journalism. He has five years of writing experience with various outlets and enjoys covering politics and sports.