Watch: Feminist Author Torched by Anti-Feminist YouTuber: 'I'm Tired of Women Whining!'


Feminist author Grace Blakeley, a self-described socialist commentator, got steamrolled by YouTuber and self-proclaimed “anti-feminist” Pearl Davis while debating the topic of equal pay in sports.

The women engaged in a lively discussion on Tuesday’s episode of TalkTV’s “Piers Morgan Uncensored.”

Feminists such as Blakeley insist that female athletes should be paid the same amount as male athletes, even if their sports events don’t generate as much revenue as men’s sports do.

Host Piers Morgan broached the topic by noting that the Australian women’s soccer team has criticized the pay gap for the FIFA World Cup, calling the disparity unfair and sexist.

The total prize money for the 2023 Women’s World Cup is $110 million, compared with $440 million offered to the men’s teams at the 2022 World Cup.

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Morgan pointed out that men’s soccer generates exponentially higher revenue than women’s soccer and that’s what accounts for the pay disparity.

He also noted that the men’s final at this year’s Wimbledon tennis championship was watched by three times more people than the women’s final was. The men also played two sets more per match than the women did. Despite this, the prize money for the male and female champions was the same.

Davis said instead of complaining about the pay gap, female athletes should be grateful to the men for bankrolling them.

“For one, I think all of the women should thank the men for funding our leagues, because most of our leagues would not exist without the men,” she said.

“Number two: When we have the same numbers [in revenue], then we should get the same pay,” Davis said. “I’m sorry, I play volleyball at the highest level, and it’s like when we make what the men make and get the crowds that the men draw, then we should get paid the same.”

In typical leftist fashion, Blakeley reacted by barking platitudes. She condemned capitalism, saying male athletes in general make too much money.

Morgan replied that “market forces” dictate the pay scale.

In other words, superstar athletes make exorbitant salaries because they evoke excitement, command huge audiences and generate massive amounts of revenue.

Davis asked Blakeley “who gets to decide” what the pay scale should be. “You?” she said.

Blakeley said it’s unfair for professional athletes to get paid as much as they do when the average worker often struggles to make ends meet.

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While this statement may be true, it was irrelevant to the discussion at hand, which was about women’s sports.

Davis replied: “I’m so tired of women whining. … Literally, the men fund our leagues, and we still whine that we don’t get paid enough.”

She continued: “And honestly, when athletes do s*** like this, it makes all of us [women] look bad because instead of being thankful for the league that we have, we go out and whine and complain about the pay.”

Blakeley petulantly replied, “I’m not whining. Sounds like you’re maybe doing a bit of whining. But personally, I don’t think we should be whining. I think people should be organizing” and protesting and forming unions demanding equal pay.

Morgan pointed out that the women’s soccer league does have a union, so he was puzzled by what she said.

He asked the feminist author point-blank: “Should women footballers get paid the same as men” even if they don’t generate the same revenue as men?

Blakeley replied, “Yeah, I think it probably makes sense.”

Morgan noted that the quality of women’s soccer is woefully lagging behind the men. He pointed to the example of the U.S. Women’s National Team losing a match against a group of teenage boys.

In 2017, the U.S. women — who won multiple Olympic gold medals and at the time were considered the best women’s soccer team in the world — lost 5-2 to the FC Dallas Under-15 boys team in a scrimmage.

“So why should women footballers who are clearly nowhere near as good as their male counterparts … why should they get paid anything like as much money?” Morgan asked.

Blakeley then essentially conceded that female athletes are not as physically strong as their male counterparts because of innate biological differences.

This is an ironically humorous admission, since militant feminists argue that there are no differences between the sexes, so a man who claims he’s a woman should be allowed to dominate women’s sports.

Do you agree with Pearl Davis?

Davis interjected by saying female athletes should get paid the same amount as their male counterparts if they can generate the same level of revenue and interest.

In other words, pay should be based on performance and merit — not some warped notion of equity.

Davis said she doesn’t hear men complaining that female OnlyFans models make more money than men or that supermodel Kendall Jenner rakes in income that dwarfs that of her male model counterparts.

“Kendall Jenner is the highest-paid supermodel. Where are the male supermodels?” she said. “But whenever men dominate in an industry, women will just complain.”

Predictably, Blakeley had no intelligent rebuttal. Instead, she bleated platitudes about how people in general don’t get paid enough, so everyone should join unions and demand equal pay across the board.

Morgan once again underscored that there are unions representing women’s sports and other industries, so it’s not as if unions don’t exist.

He then posed a hypothetical question, asking how many women would win Olympic gold medals if sports were not divided by gender.

As we have seen in the case of transgender athletes, men who pretend to be women destroy their female opponents in most sports.

“Men are better than women at sports. Let’s not live in this delusion,” Davis remarked.

She then asked Blakeley to name five female soccer players or WNBA players, and the self-described feminist couldn’t.

Davis said if feminists such as Blakeley supported women’s sports by watching them, maybe she’d have a leg to stand on with her equal pay arguments.

But she doesn’t. She’s just whining — as harebrained leftists often do.

As is typical of the lazy latte liberals who support race-based affirmative action, delusional militant feminists want all the benefits that come with hard work without delivering exceptional results.

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