Watch: Hero K9 Officer Snatches Loaded Shotgun Away From Suspect's Hand


Dog people are hard to miss. They’re highly evangelical, proclaiming the goodness of dogs and assaulting you with a barrage of photos featuring their beloved furry friend.

If you’re a dog person too, then an instant bond is forged. Photos are shared, stories are told, and play dates are set up.

Some owners’ favorite pastime is to run their pup through its (usually short) list of tricks. Shake, play dead, roll over, sit, down, and stay are classics.

As many owners will tell you, some dogs are more … amenable to training than others. Some dogs ignore you while others make a career out of being a good boy and doing everything you ask.

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The best-known examples of this are probably police dogs. They’re intensely trained, highly intelligent dogs whose main purpose in life is to protect.

They’re not some fluffy lapdog, they’re bred for hard work. Even at a young age, they can be very capable and intimidating creatures.

One recent addition to the police force in Pensacola is an example of that. At only 18 months old, he’s proved that he’s worth his weight in gold.

K-9 Foster came in clutch for the officers on his team as well as a woman who placed a 911 call on Tuesday.

The woman’s boyfriend showed up late and tried to force his way into her home. He was carrying a shotgun.

Terrified, she called for help. Oliver Hurst, her 36-year-old boyfriend, tried to hide in a house across the street when police arrived.

When police entered the home to try and capture Hurst, Foster was ahead of them.

In the dark bodycam footage, you can see Foster has rushed Hurst and has a firm grip on the barrel of the loaded shotgun. He wrenches it from the man’s hands, allowing police to use a stun gun on Hurst.

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Hurst now faces a long list of charges, including aggravated assault, aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, criminal mischief, battery, and armed burglary.

I don’t know what you were capable of at just 18 months, but it probably wasn’t nearly as impressive as this pup’s achievement at such a tender age. Nice work, Foster!

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