Watch Hillary When Bill, Carter, and the Obamas Greet Trumps. Even at a Funeral She Seethes


It’s a miracle the universe didn’t implode. On Wednesday afternoon, the president, the former presidents and their wives paid their respects to late former President George H.W. Bush at his funeral at the National Cathedral, and the awkward interactions between them are getting attention on social media.

Video of the event showed President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump arriving and being ushered to seats next to Barack and Michelle Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter. The first to greet the other presidents was Melania … and she certainly seemed to catch Hillary’s scorn.

While Bill Clinton and Barack and Michelle Obama took the time to shake the current first lady’s hand, Hillary couldn’t be bothered.

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Keeping her hands clamped together, she gave a curt nod toward the Trumps before quickly turning her head away. The sour look on her face spoke volumes.

Even Jimmy Carter, who was seated too far away to shake hands, made a point of smiling and waving at the president and first lady.

Social media users noticed the particularly cold response and called it out on Twitter.

“Hillary is forever salty that she lost her only chance at becoming president,” responded one user. “Salty” was the word used by several more commenters to describe the 2016 election loser’s look.

“Not to politicize, but, Hillary is a … well you know!” another wrote. “You can see the bitterness on Hillary’s face,” commented another.

There’s no getting around the fact that on a day that could have been used to show civility and unity as a nation, the woman who lost to Trump looked like she wanted everybody to drop dead.

Then again, she hasn’t been into civility for a while.

Her now-infamous term “deplorable” to refer to anybody who didn’t support her was a shockingly accurate description of how she sees half the country.

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Are you surprised Hillary didn't have better manners at a funeral?

She doubled down on that disdain for everybody to the political right of herself earlier this year.

“You cannot be civil” with Republicans, Clinton declared in October. She then added that “civility can start again” only if Democrats re-take the House and Senate.

With such a petty, vindictive view of politics, is it any wonder Hillary Clinton looked as if she wished the Trumps would burst into flames?

With the eyes of the world on Washington today, it would have been a perfect chance to “go high.” Too bad it didn’t happen.

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