Watch: Ignorant Joy Behar Doesn't Know How Senate Elections Work, Humiliates Self on Nat'l TV


If you need more examples of how uninformed most celebrities are, Joy Behar of ABC’s “The View” is here with another hilariously ignorant political take.

On Wednesday, Behar suggested that the constitutional structure that gives state two U.S Senate seats counts as Republican “gerrymandering.”

Wednesday’s post-election episode of morning talk show “The View” included ABC News political analyst Matthew Dowd.

During a discussion of the election results, as captured by the Grabien website, Dowd was trying to push the idea that Republicans have the advantage of “geography” while Democrats have “demography.”

“In 2016 we had a split decision. Trump takes the Electoral College, geography. Hillary Clinton wins the popular vote,” Dowd said.

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“Last night was an even bigger example of that. So, Democrats won the popular vote last night by 8 million votes,” he continued, to an outbreak of applause from an obviously liberal audience.

“But they lose U.S. senate races in red areas – ” Dowd started to go on.

“Because of gerrymandering,” Behar interrupted smugly.

“Well it’s not gerrymandering, that’s the Constitution,” Dowd corrected her. “The districts are gerrymandered but the states are part of the Constitution.”

Gerrymandering is the manipulation of electoral district boundaries to favor a specific party. However, the only “districts” involved in a Senate race are the states themselves … hence the United States of America.

Behar’s ignorance drew a storm of scorn on Twitter.

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It’s OK, Ms. Behar. To be fair, Dowd was leading everyone down an unclear path.  Discussing the total number of votes that each party got nationally is irrelevant to Senate races, since each Senate seat is won by the popular vote in each state, not nationally.

Democrats are quick to shout “gerrymandering!” and “popular vote!” after any Republican win, as if the foundational rules of the United States government are rigged against Democrats.

Actually, the Founders simply put in place a system of checks and balances that gives each state equal representation by two senators, regardless of the state’s population.

Does this show how ignorant some celebrities really are?

That way, under the Constitution, the separate states are empowered to each have an effect in the government, without smaller states being bulldozedby states with higher populations.

Judging by, well, basically everything she’s ever said, it’s not unexpected that Behar might be unaware of this constitutional foundation.

Still, enough’s enough.

Uninformed celebrities insist on weighing in like they’re authorities on political issues, when they’re really just repeating whatever buzzword the liberal media is hyping at the moment.

Let’s see if this correction of Behar’s loudmouthing humbles her at all.

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