Watch: Jet-Powered Coyote Blasts Enemy Drones to Pieces


New developments in the private sector are emboldening U.S. military technology, which is reassuring given the ongoing tensions with numerous adversaries abroad.

On Friday, Raytheon released footage of new Coyote drones being launched from the Army’s Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona.

As the video shows, the unmanned aircraft were quickly and aggressively able to obliterate other drones, an incredibly useful capability given the nature of modern warfare.

Furthermore, the clip reveals that they are able to function at both high and low altitudes.

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“Together with our Army partners, we showcased the maturity and lethality of our Counter-UAS systems against single and multiple drone threats to both U.S. and international customers,” Abel Ghanooni, senior director for Short Range Air Defense and Rapid Development Programs at Raytheon Missiles & Defense, said in a news release in October before the video was made public.

“These tests move us closer to deploying Coyote and Ku-720 globally, so they can protect service members and critical assets from enemy drones,” Ghanooni said.

According to Interesting Engineering, there is speculation that the weaponry could have played a role in taking down Iranian drones attempting to attack the U.S. and Iraqi Al-Asad Airbase earlier this month on the second anniversary of Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani’s assassination. The visuals of the Coyote and the counter rocket, artillery and mortar system used in Iraq appear similar.

The outlet said the Coyote drones are fairly small and able to be tube-launched, making them an excellent way to take down other drones.

These “palletized” drones have a somewhat portable size that would allow for them to be used and transported in a wide variety of areas and equipment, The Drive reported.

This emerging technology could be useful in the fight against an aggressor such as Iran, which does not hold a candle to the U.S. when it comes to defense.

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Although American soil is unlikely to be attacked by a foreign power in the Middle East unless it’s done through state-sponsored terrorism, U.S. service personnel are in harm’s way each day in the region.

Iran, in particular, wants to stir tensions with the United States and often uses militias to do its dirty work.

It’s crucial that the U.S. military continues to maintain a presence in Iraq, and Raytheon and other defense contractors are helping to intercept attacks on the troops there.

This newly released footage is a great reminder of how the free market and the government work in tandem to keep Americans safe abroad, and it is truly impressive.

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