Watch: Michigan Electors Stand for 'Black National Anthem' Separate from US National Anthem


Democratic electors in Michigan stood to honor the so-called “black national anthem” shortly before casting their electoral votes for Joe Biden on Monday.

The Electoral College met Monday to formally cast their votes for president.

Before the proceedings in Michigan, the state’s Democratic electors stood as an announcer said, “Please remain standing for the national anthem — and the black national anthem.”

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Until recently, many Americans never even knew that a black national anthem existed because black and white civil-rights activists fought for decades to end racial segregation.

Now, race-hustling Democrats are determined to make segregation great again — laughably, in the name of “social justice” and “racial equality.”

A gospel song called “Lift Every Voice and Sing” is considered the black national anthem, according to the NAACP.

In September, the tune was played before “The Star-Spangled Banner” at all week-one NFL games in the aftermath of the nationwide Black Lives Matter riots.

Do you think we need a separate "black national anthem"?

No one protested the black national anthem or disrespected it by refusing to stand.

In contrast, numerous NFL players with the Baltimore Ravens stood for the black national anthem, but disrespectfully kneeled during the U.S. national anthem.

Let this sink in: There is only one national anthem of the United States, and that’s “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz — who’s Cuban-American — called the notion of a separate black national anthem “asinine.”

“How many national anthems do we have??” Cruz tweeted in July. “Is there an Hispanic national anthem? An Asian-American national anthem? This is asinine. We are ONE America. E Pluribus Unum.”

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Similarly, black sports journalist Jason Whitlock of Outkick torched the NFL’s decision to play the black national anthem, saying the move spotlighted an epic “failure of leadership.”

“When I look at what the NFL is doing, this goes against every value that the NFL has built itself on,” Whitlock told Fox News host Tucker Carlson on July 6. “Professional sports have built themselves on the celebration of Americana and the ideals and values that best exemplify America.”

Whitlock has repeatedly trashed the NFL for allowing the invasion of divisive left-wing politics into sports. He said this will be the death knell for the NFL because viewers don’t want to be lectured in their leisure time.

“The NFL will run off a nice fat chunk of its audience and will never be seen the same again because of the failure of leadership throughout the NFL,” Whitlock warned.

Whitlock also slammed Black Lives Matter as a “Marxist political organization” that does not really care about black lives, as evidenced by its deafening silence on murders of black people that occur every weekend in Democrat-controlled cities such as Chicago and New York.

“[BLM] is a communist political move,” Whitlock said. “I’ve seen many of these guys. They claim they’re in Christianity and their religious beliefs. Do they understand Black Lives Matter, communism, Marxism, is anti-religious?

“This is a historic failure of men and leadership. This is cowardice at its highest level. This is the NFL jumping the shark and saying we quit being who we said we are.”

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