Watch: Sacha Baron Cohen Tried Punking Gun Dealer, Learns He Made Huge Mistake


Gun owners often get a bad rap in the increasingly hostile media. When they’re not being stereotyped as redneck hicks, they’re being called insulting names or even face racial discrimination for choosing not to be victims.

Take the spotlight recently given to anti-gun voices like Parkland, Florida, shooting “activist” David Hogg. Despite statistics showing that gun crime has decreased even as concealed carry skyrocketed, the media had a heyday providing a platform for the teenager to imply that all NRA members were blood-soaked murderers.

Ever eager to mock law-abiding gun owners, the left-leaning entertainment industry has gotten in on the action — and apparently has no problem creating literal “fake news” to put Second Amendment supporters in a bad light.

Not long ago, Showtime and one-trick-pony comedian Sacha Baron Cohen teamed up to “punk” a legal gun dealer in California, but the actor ended up leaving the store with his tail between his legs.

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According to KTTV News in Los Angeles, the man most famous for his 2006 mockumentary film “Borat” showed up in disguise at Warrior One Guns & Ammo in Riverside in February 2017, most likely to embarrass the owners of the popular firearms dealer.

“He comes in, off the bat you can see in the video I’m looking like, ‘this guy does not look like a Hungarian immigrant.’ Tight-a** leather pants, a beard, it just didn’t fit,” store owner Norris Sweidan told the station.

“The moment his words came out of his mouth I was like, ‘this guy is full of s***.’”

Although the incident occurred in 2017, the story and surveillance video of Cohen’s suspicious visit only recently came to light.

Does the entertainment media look down on lawful gun owners?

Sweidan explained that the “Borat” actor, in character as some sort of fake immigrant with a false accent, asked to buy a gun.

It isn’t entirely clear what Cohen’s plan was, but it may have been an attempt to goad the store owners into making racist comments, or to break the law and sell a gun to somebody who didn’t have the legal right to own one.

Whatever the scheme, Sweidan was having none of it.

“I’m looking at the producer and I’m just like, ‘am I being fooled right here?’” Sweidan told KTTV. “And I just kept looking at the guy and I was like, ‘you’re Borat.’ as soon as I said that his eyes just looked at me like, and he did a turn right out the door.”

The camera crew, apparently unsure about what to do, stayed behind.

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“We’re talking to the people, they don’t wanna give us an answer. We basically told them to, get the f*** out. ‘You guys are all full of s***, have a great day, get out,’” Sweidan said.

The store owner is confident that Cohen was there to mock the Second Amendment and gun owners in some way.

“Once I knew it was Borat, we already know his game and his bull*****, so we knew he’s here to make a mockery, and of what? Gun owners? The gun business, gun shops,” Sweidan said.

KTTV reported that Cohen was most likely trying to film a segment for a Showtime program called “Who is America?” which has already gone after gun rights supporters.

“He was fake, the producers were fake, the show was fake, and Showtime is fake to be honest with you,” Sweidan said. “They want a real story, come talk to us. We'[ll give you a real story.”

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