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Watch: Young Girl on Unicorn Float Swept Away by Sea Currents, Rescued by Ferry Boat

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Half the fun of being in the water comes from enjoying the inflatable that you brought with you. The pinnacle of relaxation is floating along in the water, gently bobbing along and letting all your worries slip away.

Until you’re not in a pool and realize you’ve drifted too far from shore. Then the worries come back.

For a family vacationing in Greece, one Sunday last month provided a little more excitement than they bargained for, according to the Greek City Times.

An unnamed family with a young daughter aged 4 or 5 was at the beach. Somehow, the girl managed to sail out to sea perched on her brightly patterned unicorn inflatable.

She seemed to know to stay on board and not panic, but her parents quickly called for help.

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“Salaminomachos,” a nearby ferry on the Rio-Antirrio route, responded, plunging along the Gulf of Corinth near the town of Antirrio.

Someone on the ferry filmed as they headed for the young captain and her tiny craft in the middle of the sea. A small white blip against a vast expanse of blue, she drew steadily closer as the ferry closed the gap.

While the crew rushed to grab her, she seemed almost unfazed as they snatched up the colorful floatie and whisked her out of the ocean.

According to the news outlet, she was safely returned to her waiting parents’ arms. Props to her for keeping her cool, but if she could sail so calmly into the deep blue sea at 4 or 5, she may seek much greater adventures in the future.

She’s not alone, though — plenty of people, even older people who “know better,” often find themselves out of their depth.

In fact, not too long ago the very same Greek ferry reportedly pulled off a similar rescue, but of an older man on an inflatable mattress.

In Gwynedd, Wales, a 6-year-old boy was in a similar situation early last month when he sailed out on an inflatable swan, but ended up falling off and losing consciousness.

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Thankfully, Samuel McKeever, there with his own family, spotted the boy about 600 feet out when shouts rang out. Being a strong swimmer, he was able to go out, rescue the boy and bring him back in.

“He was totally unconscious, I turned him around and patted him on his back and then a lot of water and sick came up, and he started breathing again,” McKeever told North Wales Live.

In that case, a coastguard said something that families going to the beach would do well to keep in mind: “I wish people would leave the inflatables at home as they are designed for swimming pool not for the sea.”

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