Woman Climbs 65-Foot Tree to Save Tiny Kitten. Firefighters End Up Saving Them Both


Our feline friends are notorious for being self-sufficient as they wander where they please. They’re not needy like dogs, and they can handle their own problems thank you very much.

Well, most of the time. There are certain situations, every once in a while, where even the most independent kitty can use a little help — even if they won’t admit it.

Saskia Cornwell was the proud owner of a recently acquired kitten. The 13-week-old, named Bella, clearly had an adventurous streak a mile wide.

One day, she saw an opportunity and she took it. She bolted through an open window, across the yard, and started up a 65-foot-tall tree.

As any good friend would, Emily Whitton — a friend of Cornwell’s — showed up and decided she’d try to scale the tree herself to rescue Bella.

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Of course, good intentions are great, but they don’t always match up with reality or bring about the results we’d like to see. In spite of all her best efforts, Whitton was unable to reach Bella.

But she did manage to get herself firmly stuck in the tree, as well. Now they were in quite a predicament, and Cornwell had no choice but to call for help for both her friend and her cat.

Firerfighters soon arrived on the scene, negating any chance of subtlety. They tromped across the garden, set up a ladder and rope system, and managed to get Whitton unwedged from her spot in the tree.

Of course, just to put the icing on the cake, Bella had decided she’d had enough of an adventure and had started making her own way down.

If they’d just waited a bit, perhaps they could have avoided the entire thing, but they wanted to make sure Bella was all right.

“It was very embarrassing,” said Cornwell. “The fire engine arrived with its blue light on and five firemen got out.

“They tied a rope around the branch and three of them pulled the rope to help Emily free her leg, then another fireman climbed up the ladder and helped her down.”

“In the meantime Bella managed to climb down the tree to the firemen, so they carried her down too. It was a ridiculous situation, but Bella loved all the attention. I’ve kept her inside ever since her adventure.”

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It was quite a sight. The firefighters probably had a good chuckle over the entire incident.

Later they posted photos along with a warning to their followers online, cautioning people to call the experts before attempting to do what Whitton did.

“We know that people love animals and would risk their own lives to save a family pet or other animal in distress. Our advice would always be to avoid putting yourself in danger and to contact the RSPCA in the first instance.”

So, even if you’re in a tricky situation, make sure you don’t endanger yourself when trying to rescue a beloved pet! You may just end up needing assistance yourself.

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