Woman in Coma Delivers Baby. 3 Months Later, Family Witnesses a Miracle in Hospital


Amelia Bannan was nearly sixth months pregnant when the unthinkable happened. She was in a tragic car accident that left her unconscious.

She was in a coma for months and eventually gave birth to her baby, Santino, while lifeless on a hospital bed.

According to the family, the birth was without complication and the baby was healthy.

After the birth of her child, Amelia’s family came to visit her in the hospital every day.

They brought Santino with them, knowing there was a part of her that could still experience time with her son.

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Although doctors didn’t expect Amelia to recover, her family remained hopeful. Every time she would stir, they held their breath in the hopes that she’d finally wake up.

Finally, Amelia’s family heard something that made them jump.

“That day we heard there in the silence, while we were giving Santino the bottle, we heard a low voice, we heard ‘yes’, ‘yes’,” Amelia’s brother, Cesar, told a local news outlet.

“To corroborate if she was listening to me, I told her, ‘Amelia, if you understand me, stick out your tongue.’ And she stuck out her tongue,” he continued.

Amelia’s sister, Norma, jumped onto Amelia and started crying tears of joy. “It revolutionized our hearts,” Cesar said.

Since waking from the coma, her progress has been rapid, according to Roberto Gisin, the physiotherapist in charge of Amelia’s case.

“At first she only said ‘yes’ and ‘no’, now she is managing to answer questions and understand commands,” he said.

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Now, Amelia can hold her baby for the very first time. Her family knows that it’s God’s miracle to have her back.

She’s still got a long road ahead of her, but Amelia’s already able to move her limbs after months in a coma.

In only a few short months, doctors expect that Amelia will be out of bed and walking.

“She keeps surprising us,” neurosurgeon Marcelo Ferreira said. “We hope that at some point, we will be able to see her walking holding her son’s hand.”

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