2-Year-Old Pup Allegedly Got Knifed But Saved Owner, Fought Off 5 Punks & Chased Them Down Street


Pit bulls — more accurately called American Pit Bull Terriers — get a bad rap. Many people see them as unpredictable and dangerous, although there has also been a push to show that a dog’s behavior comes down to how it is trained.

One “good boy” in California sure seems to have been trained well. According to KGTV, a 2-year-old rescued pit bull named Hitch just defended its owner valiantly, and sent not one but five armed thugs running.

Ed Neumeister and his brother said they were in their apartment early Friday morning when a disturbing home invasion took place. Neumeister says one man broke into the apartment through a window, along with four other people who had apparently been drinking heavily.

“They told [my brother], ‘We have a gun. We have a knife. We’re looking for Eric with two dogs,” Neumeister told the news station. The fact that no Eric lived there didn’t dissuade the intruders.

“He said, ‘Do you mind if we kill your animals?'” Neumeister continued. That’s when four of the five thugs began breaking down his bedroom door.

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“I wake up, and I’m being dragged off my bed into the living room,” the resident chillingly recalled.

The man doesn’t remember all of the attack, but said that his face was cut and bruised in the melee. It appears that Hitch the pit bull didn’t take this attack laying down, jumping into the fray himself.

“The numerous cuts on his pit bull’s body and face — likely from a knife — reveal the struggle as the normally gentle Hitch defended his owner, eventually chasing off the burglars,” KGTV reported.

“After they took off, Hitch chased them down the street. Deputies later found him injured — and a hero in the eyes of his owner,” the outlet continued.

Would a lawful firearm have changed this scenario?

While it’s impossible to know for sure how the home invasion would have gone if the loyal dog hadn’t been involved, it’s safe to say that the terrier defending his owner made a major difference.

“So proud of him. He saved us really. Could have been a lot worse,” said Neumeister.

There are a few interesting takeaways from this story, mostly related to self defense. Based on the resident’s recollection of what happened, it sounds like there were only seconds between when the home invasion began, and when it began to turn violent.

There’s a popular saying: “When seconds count, the police are minutes away.” That’s exactly why citizens should take self defense seriously, and realize that even the best-meaning government can’t magically swoop in to stop all crime.

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And that brings us to the second takeaway: The Second Amendment matters. It’s already quite illegal to climb into someone’s apartment with a knife and assault the residents, yet the written law did nothing to stop this incident from taking place.

But a firearm in the hands of the residents could have made a huge difference. In many places like California, however, the lawful ownership of firearms for self defense is far more difficult than it needs to be.

In this case, the dog definitely earned his keep, but a loyal pet shouldn’t have to suffer knife wounds for Americans to be protected.

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