2017 Was a Great Year for Pro-Life Advocates, Not So Much for Planned Parenthood


A welcome report has revealed that the abortion factory known as Planned Parenthood shuttered an astounding 32 of its facilities in 2017.

And according to Jim Sedlak, executive director of the pro-life American Life League, which published the report in mid-December, this is just the beginning.

“The continuing decline of Planned Parenthood facilities belies its public relations hype,” he said in a statement. “The evidence is clear: The American people are fed up with Planned Parenthood. The revelations about its business model and its callous disregard for the lives of human beings are taking their toll on the organization’s acceptance.”

He further highlighted the fact that while Planned Parenthood used to operate 938 facilities in 1995, by the end of 2017 it had only 597 facilities left.

“While the numbers continue to show an organization in decline, we do not expect it to go quietly into the night,” Sedlak added. “We expect that Planned Parenthood’s leaders, along with its bought-and-paid-for politicians, will continue to spread the lies and demand the American people pay tribute to this satanic organization. But, in the end, it will lose.”

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Is there any merit to his claims, though? The evidence surely suggests so.

One America News Network explained that due to cuts in government subsidies enacted by state officials since the election of President Donald Trump, “Planned Parenthood is struggling with financial difficulties.”

“Most recently, an abortion facility in Bettendorf, Iowa, closed after state lawmakers diverted subsidy funds toward community health centers instead,” OANN reported. “Additionally, Planned Parenthood facilities closed in New Mexico, Wyoming, North Dakota, and Colorado throughout 2017, after being de-subsidized.”

Kudos to state officials for accomplishing what Congress has repeatedly failed to do. If Planned Parenthood were to be completely defunded on the federal level, it’s possible the organization would go broke entirely.

“Planned Parenthood’s enterprise is crumbling, even while they are still raking in over half a billion dollars a year from taxpayers,” Marjorie Dannenfelser, the president of the the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List non-profit, told The Washington Times back in May.

“Their abortion-centered business model isn’t just morally wrong, it’s a failure,” she said. “In a market where there are so many better options, women don’t need to get their health care from Planned Parenthood.”

Correct. But until Congress does its job and fully defunds Planned Parenthood, it’s up to pro-life conservatives to inform women of the better options available to them.

It certainly helps that Planned Parenthood has unwittingly done plenty on its own to showcase its depravity and its hideousness to America and, in fact, the world.

What’s needed now is more education on Planned Parenthood’s sleazy behavior and, more effort by the Republicans in Congress to defund it completely.

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Combined, these efforts may just be enough to rid us of this despicable organization once and for all.

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