3 Reasons Why the Left Hates Scott Pruitt


You know why they are going after Environmental Protection Agency secretary Scott Pruitt?

I can give you at least three reasons.

No. 1: He has led the Trump administration’s efforts to dismantle President Barack Obama’s expensive and ineffective climate legacy piece by piece.

From the Clean Power Plan, which was all about Obama’s climate agenda and which had nothing to do with creating clean air (we already have laws about that), to the Waters of the United States regulation, which could turn a puddle in your front yard into environmentally-protected swamp land — Pruitt has been rolling back many of the regulations put in place by Obama’s overzealous, power-grabbing, and arguably unconstitutional EPA.

No. 2: They also don’t like the fact that just this week Pruitt’s team at the EPA revised a mandate on fuel standards that will make new cars significantly cheaper — maybe as much as $7,000 cheaper.

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No. 3: Under Pruitt, the EPA has announced it will no longer develop regulation based on “secret science” — meaning studies only the so-called experts at the EPA, but not the public, can see.

It’s called transparency, and believe me, the deep state in Washington hates that.

So no, Pruitt doesn’t believe the EPA is an all-powerful agency with no accountability except to itself.

And no, he doesn’t believe we should be creating useless regulations that eliminate jobs and make families pay more for energy just so Al Gore and most of Hollywood can feel good about themselves.

Do you think Scott Pruitt is doing a good job as the head of the EPA?

And that is why they are going after Scott Pruitt.

Genevieve Wood advances policy priorities of The Heritage Foundation as senior contributor to The Daily Signal.

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