34-Year-Old Declared Dead Opens Eyes at Funeral, Family Left in Uproar


A 34-year-old man from southwest India narrowly escaped what would have been a terrifying end to life.

Eshwar Pavade, thought to be deceased, was almost buried alive.

Pavade was living in Mumbai when he fell ill. He returned to his home village to be near family and to seek medical treatment.

Pavade ended up at a hospital in the city of Solapur, where his condition continued to worsen. He fell into a coma, slipping away from his life on earth.

Ultimately, to his family’s dismay, a doctor declared Pavade legally dead.

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Funeral preparations were made, and on July 12, family gathered at the burial grounds to bid farewell to their loved one.

Nobody had any idea that this funeral was about to become very memorable, in a very frightening way.

Pavade’s motionless body lay next to his grave as relatives said their final farewell.

Then, terror struck: a relative swore he felt Pavade’s chest rise and fall as he lay grieving over the man’s body. All eyes were fixated on Pavade, watching for any sign of breathing.

Shockingly, like a scene from a horror flick, Pavade’s eyes opened dimly. Times of India described the next few moments as “an uproar” among horrified family and friends.

Chaos quickly ensued, as his family realized they had almost buried Pavade alive. They rushed Pavade — seemingly back from the dead — to a nearby hospital for immediate treatment.

Pavade’s wife, Mangala, told Times of India that her husband is now in critical condition receiving treatment. The family members who had been at Pavade’s gravesite were now at the hospital, scarcely able to believe what had just transpired.

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It was a harrowing trauma that the family believes could have been avoided. The doctors they had trusted to save Pavade — or, at the very least, do no harm — had failed them in the worst possible way.

According to Times of India, the family does plan to take legal action against the doctor who wrongfully declared Pavade to be dead.

Meanwhile, as reported by Indian media outlet ANT-1, relatives say Pavade is improving, slowly but surely.

After a terrifying brush with death, hopefully, Pavade is able to make a full recovery and resume his life.

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