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Watch: Cops Save Helpless Stray Cat Found with Head Stuck in Soup Can


A stray cat from Las Vegas has lived to see another day thanks to kindhearted police officers who paused to remove a soup can wedged firmly onto the cat’s head.

The lure of a salty, potent-smelling soup can was likely too tempting to resist for the cat who was hooked at the first taste.

As the little ball of fur worked its head deeper and deeper into the aluminum can, the cat became trapped, alone and helpless in a Vegas neighborhood.

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Two traffic officers from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department noticed the cat and circled back around on their motorcycles to try and help.

The first challenge was catching the cat, who was probably frightened, blind and did not want to be caught.

But one of the officers managed to quietly approach the cat and swiftly scooped it up into his arms.

The cat did not struggle, but instead, became still as the officer placed it back onto the ground while still holding it firmly between his gloved hands.

The second officer was left with the delicate task of slowly and cautiously removing the can from the cat’s head, little by little.

Video of the incident was recorded on the second officer’s body camera, which revealed just how tightly the can was gripped around the poor kitty’s head.

After a few tense moments of gently wriggling, twisting and tugging at the can, it seemed the officer was making good progress.

The can slowly released its grip on the feline until finally, with one last gentle tug, the cat was free.

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Perhaps a bit shocked at the entire situation, the cat paused to collect itself while the officer gave it a few encouraging pats on the head. Then, with lightning speed, the cat raced off into the night, seemingly uninjured.

The LVMPD shared the video on social media, writing, “We’re trained in a variety of life-saving techniques, but not this one.”

“A pair of LVMPD Traffic officers used great care in extracting a cat whose head was firmly stuck inside a soup can. Thanks, officers! And best of luck to that cat who rushed away in apparent good health.”

Viewers praised the officers for taking the time to help a furry Las Vegas resident.

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