37-Year-Old Sent Home from Hospital with Flu. 2 Days Later, Rushed Back Then Passes Away


A new year often brings a sense of freshness with it, giving people renewed hope and resolve to live life to the fullest and appreciate their blessings. But one family started off the new year with loss.

Photos of Nita Negrete often show her surrounded by family. Those photos will be will be cherished in a way the family never imagined for this new year.

Negrete of Dallas, Texas, was known for her devotion to her husband and three children.

She was 37 years old and was laughing with family right before she was suddenly dying.

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Christmas Eve was the day Negrete noticed she had a cough. She tested positive for the flu days later when she went to the hospital.

After spending a couple of days at home, Negrete needed to be rushed to the hospital. The medicine she took home after her first visit was not enough.

She had developed pneumonia. Her last days on earth were spent hooked up to machines as she tried to fight the flu complications.

Negrete’s sister, Louisa Garza, posted an optimistic Facebook photo and caption for New Year’s. It was a photo of Negrete and her sisters all smiling.

Louisa wrote, “To the future filled with health, happiness, peace, love and lots of blessings! Nita this will be your year!”

Tragically, Negrete only lived a few days into the new year. She died on Jan. 3.

Her death seemed completely unexpected to the family. However, Negrete did make one comment to her mother, Josie Garza, on Christmas Eve when her cough sounded minor.

“Mom, you know what, this cough don’t seem so serious. But I think this cough is going to kill me, because something about it is not a regular cough,” Negrete told her mom.

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Negrete didn’t see a doctor right away. Her family has now urged people to see a doctor if they have flu-like symptoms, especially if they have the feeling that a cough could kill them, like Negrete did.

A grieving family member reminded viewers that even if you don’t have insurance or money to pay for it at the moment, it’s still more important to take care of your own health: being in debt is better than dying.

Dallas County Health and Human Services reported 11 flu-related deaths this season.

Negrete’s intuition about her cough’s severity was unfortunately correct in this case, so be sure to proactively take care of yourself while listening to your body even if it means a trip to the doctor.

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Carolyn Fultz is a former contributor for Liftable Media. She holds a B.A. in Communication from Hope College.
Carolyn Fultz is a former contributor for Liftable Media. She holds a B.A. in Communication from Hope College. Carolyn's writing has been featured in both online and print media, including Just Between Us magazine. She resides in Phoenix with her husband and children.
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