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Over 400 People in 'Giving Mob' Surprise Couple To Help Pay Medical Bills from Cancer


When someone you love is diagnosed with cancer, your world changes. You redirect your efforts, friends and family come together, and everyone does what they can to help.

In March 2018, Ed Parsons got the horrible news that he had blood cancer. Multiple Myeloma was eating at his bones, weakening them and causing the husband and father of two a lot of pain.

He is a veteran, a member of Eastwind Community Church, and known and loved by many. The news hit him hard, but it also hit those who loved him, and they decided to rally and do something amazing.

A group of people started a GoFundMe for the family, as Ed is self-employed and was no longer able to work as he battled the disease. The page has raised about $20,000 so far.

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“Your support, prayers, and donations will help Ed and his family during this difficult situation,” the Team Ed group wrote on GoFundMe. “We have full faith that Ed’s strength of character and determination will carry him through this fight.

“Please join us in helping the Parsons’ family fight the financial battle that cancer also brings. In my experience, Ed Parsons has never failed to assist a friend, brother, or stranger in need. Thank you for your consideration in donating to his fight.”

But there was more planning going on, and a group known as the Praynksters had something wonderful in the works. They worked with the local Boy Scouts group the Parsons were a part of and posted a video of the results on Dec. 16.

“The PRAYnksters are at it again with another positive prank,” they posted to their Facebook page. “Ed and Liz are dealing with stage 4 cancer and he is unable to work. A giving mob of over 400 people showed up and surprised them with gifts, money, and words of encouragement.

“Please share, comment, and like this video to help us inspire others. Thank you and God bless!”

At first, Liz and Ed just thought their contributions to a recent Boy Scout event were being recognized with a small award, but when they realized what was actually happening, they were overwhelmed with emotion.


People brought hugs and words of encouragement, but they also brought donations and gifts, piling them up at the shocked couple’s feet. Over 400 people had shown up to support Ed, and their efforts were very well received.

Liz wrote an update for the GoFundMe that was posted in early January.

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“Yesterday was a very good day! Ed’s blood work looked great, he had the PICC line removed from his arm, and he was officially released from the transplant team’s care!

“He will meet with his oncologist in a couple of weeks to determine the maintenance plan going forward,” she said. “We have a ‘Survivorship’ meeting in February to talk about resuming life after transplant. (That sounds pretty great!) He is still immuno-compromised, though he has been cleared to once again join the outside world. He will begin the process of re-immunization in 6 months, and it will take a total of 2 years. (Just like a baby! 🙂

“He feels good … he looks good … life is good!”

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