Over 600 U.S. Companies Defy Dems, Sign Letter Supporting Trump's Tariffs on China


On Friday, over 600 American companies signed off on a letter that expresses support for President Donald Trump’s ongoing tariff fight with China.

This letter will be presented during a hearing at the Office of the United States Trade Representative, where discussions have taken place regarding Trump’s recent proposal to hit China with $300 billion in new tariffs, according to the Daily Caller.

This letter comes as a direct counter to large companies like Apple, who have recently pressed for Trump to drop the tariffs, according to Reuters.

In an online filing by Apple, the company claims these new tariffs would keep them from being as competitive as they’d like and reduce their contribution to the U.S. Treasury.

Apple’s comments, however, are much more subdued compared to other large corporations.

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Earlier this year, according to Bloomberg, 173 footwear companies — including Nike and Adidas — signed a joint letter that said Trump’s proposed tariffs would be “catastrophic for our consumers, our companies and the American economy as a whole.”

“On behalf of our hundreds of millions of footwear consumers and hundreds of thousands of employees, we ask that you immediately stop this action,” the team of footwear companies collectively demanded.

But those demands shouldn’t be very surprising.

Adidas, for example, “sourced just under one-fifth of its 409 million pairs last year from China,” according to Bloomberg.

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They want to keep the gravy-train going at the expense of the American economy — they’re worried people won’t buy their newly-tariffed footwear and will instead pick up a pair of shoes manufactured in the United States.

Despite what those massive companies think, a letter signed by 600 American businesses that are tired of China “taking advantage” of them tells a far different story.

“On behalf of the undersigned American companies and the millions of workers we employ, we are writing to offer our support to you and your efforts to resolve the trade imbalance between the U.S. and China. For decades, China has been taking advantage of the U.S., and we stand firm with you and your agenda to see that America gets a better deal,” the letter addressed to the president stated.

“Many in the media and those self-interested in China have argued that Americans are bearing the cost of these tariffs. That is simply, false. China is bearing the burden of these tariffs. China has had to lower its prices, and they are experiencing fewer exports, lower profits, and lower tax revenue as a result of the tariffs. Additionally, we will see the Chinese economy experience a slower rate of growth and employment in the future,” the letter continued.

The letter praised Trump’s tariff tactics, saying that it would bolster U.S. manufacturing and the job economy.

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It would also send a strong and much-needed message to violators of human rights in China — particularly to the ones who manage sweatshops and employ workers for little to nothing, which is, sadly, far too common there.

“No longer should America play second fiddle to China. It is important we stand united behind this agenda, and put country over political differences. America’s national security and economy are at stake and we offer this letter as support for your tariffs on China,” the letter concluded.

Using the threat of tariffs is yet another financial tool in Trump’s negotiation war chest, though it’s not always a popular choice.

The liberal media would love for you to believe that a vast majority of American businesses are opposed to the way he wields his tariff wand, but 600 companies just proved them otherwise.

President Trump was elected to be a bulldog for the American people and for the U.S. economy, sparring with any country who takes advantage of workers and families in the homeland.

And he’s doing exactly that.

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