At 9 P.M. ET, Crowd Interrupted Trump to Sing National Anthem at Rally - Could This Explain It?


Former President Donald Trump was interrupted at his own rally on Saturday in Robstown, Texas, while discussing the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol incursion.

The crowd erupted into a spontaneous performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner” shortly after 9 p.m. ET.

Trump signaled his approval of the impromptu singing and stopped talking until the anthem was finished.

He then broke into a warm smile as the crowd cheered and chanted, “USA! USA! USA!”

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In August 2021, Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia revealed on her personal Twitter account that the Jan. 6 political prisoners sing the national anthem every night at 9 p.m. in their Washington prison cells.

Predictably, Twitter has since permanently suspended Greene’s personal account.

However, on her official congressional account, MTG posted a video of one such performance outside the D.C. Central Detention Facility, where many of the Jan. 6 prisoners have been locked up for the past 21 months.

While it might seem odd that a MAGA crowd would interrupt Trump, the singing is a gesture of solidarity honoring the prisoners.

After visiting them in August 2021, Greene tweeted that the inmates had “virtually no medical care, very poor food quality, and [were] being put through re-education,” according to Newsweek.

“No one has argued in defense of the Capitol riot, and I’ve always openly said I was very upset by it, but after seeing these men myself in the DC Jail, I can attest this abuse is true,” she tweeted.

“J6 defendants are political prisoners of war,” she added.

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As mentioned above, MTG’s personal account has since been permanently suspended.

Julie Kelly, a senior contributor to American Greatness, has conducted numerous interviews with the Jan. 6 prisoners and their families and affirmed Greene’s account of the abysmal treatment of the inmates.

Do you think the Jan. 6 participants are political prisoners?

In November, Kelly posted an excerpt from a legal filing by a defense attorney that slammed the atrocious conditions and treatment of those prisoners.

“I have practiced criminal defense as an attorney throughout this entire country and have never seen such a blatant disregard for inmates’ rights as I have seen from this DC Jail,” the attorney wrote.

“There is a well-documented history of the DC Jail hindering attorney-client visits, as well as refusing the Capitol Riot inmates the same privileges as other inmates to email their attorneys and families.”

As Democrat-run cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and Los Angeles descend into lawlessness thanks to soft-on-crime leftist prosecutors, Trump supporters who protested on Jan. 6, 2021, are being slapped with excessive jail terms that are disproportionate to their “crimes.”

On Friday, Matthew Bledsoe of Tennessee was sentenced to four years in jail for the felony offense of “obstruction of an official proceeding” and “parading, demonstrating, or picketing in a Capitol Building.”

In August, Guy Reffitt of Texas was sentenced to more than seven years in jail for his participation in the Jan. 6 protest even though he never even entered the Capitol.

Meanwhile, look at the streets of New York, Philadelphia and Chicago. They are teeming with career criminals who have been arrested countless times and released without bail — even after committing violent crimes.

There is a two-tiered criminal justice system operating in the United States right now. But you’re not allowed to notice or speak up against it — because you could be targeted next.

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