Abandoned Dog Carries Bag Back to Junkyard Every Single Night for 1 Purpose


The junkyard: it’s a place of scraps and broken gadgets. A place where no living thing should have to call their home.

Unfortunately, an abandoned dog named Lilica found herself calling the poverty-stricken area her home. She had been left in front of the junkyard one day in Sao Carlos, Brazil.

But she has become one famous pooch for reasons worthy of the admiration. It all started when Lilica gave birth to eight puppies.

There was not enough to feed herself and her eight pups in the junkyard, so she set out on a dangerous journey.

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With low visibility in the night hours, Lilica roamed the streets in search of food.

That’s when the pup came across Lucia Helena de Souza, a woman who began to give her food in a plastic bag, such as rice, sausage and beans.

“She walked and sniffed the garbage bins, that called my attention, I thought she was homeless because she was searching for food,” de Souza said. “It was then that I called her and offered some food.”

Lilica brought the food back to her puppies. But even after her pups were adopted, she knew she still had a mission to accomplish.

For years, de Souza would leave her home each night around 9 p.m., walk to an empty lot near her house, and wait for the dog to arrive.

One evening, however, Lilica didn’t finish all her food and ran off with the bag still open, food dropping out along the way.

Eventually, a puzzled de Souza followed the pup to see why she was running off with the unfinished food.

It was all for one purpose: Lilica had been saving the meals to bring back to her friends at the junkyard, which included other dogs, cats, and even chickens.

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The food provider, de Souza, now ties the bags once Lilica has finished her portion, gives a loving warning to watch when crossing the road, and sends her off with a blessing. She is commited to being there for a dog and her friends in need.

“I don’t go places and stay for too long because of her… because I know she relies on me,” said de Souza, “so it’s a commitment that I have with her, and a commitment she has with me too, ’cause she comes everyday.”

One pup’s care for the needs of those around her has become a daily routine that is teaching many the lessons of compassion.

May we often be like Lilica, putting the needs of others before our own and sacrificing for them out of a loving, compassionate heart.

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Miranda Garibaldi is a former contributor for a Liftable Media property.
Miranda Garibaldi is a former contributor for a Liftable Media property.
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