Abandoned Dog Swipes Book From Store, Ironic Title of Book Breaks Cashier’s Heart


Thieves come in all shapes and sizes. The reason for why they take things is as different as the individuals who are committing the crimes in the first place.

Some do it out of greed, some because they are penniless, and some because they love the thrill.

And the trend is not limited to humans. There are plenty of critters who partake in similar “criminal” activities — though they usually don’t have the same motives people do.

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Ravens are drawn to shiny objects and will steal anything that catches their eye to add to their collections.

Raccoons will nose their way into anything that looks edible and take tasty treats without so much as a thank you.

But this is a new one. This one’s got layers.

This nondescript, brownish pup was a stray. With his bat-like ears and friendly manner, it’s a wonder he didn’t belong to anyone yet.

Apparently, he’d been wandering near Feevale University, in Brazil, when he stumbled upon an open bookstore.

With a small wag, he paused at the doorway, but no one stopped him. The lady at the front desk was busy and didn’t see the dog wander in.

He browsed for a bit, sniffing at this and that, and then made his way to a book display. At this point, anyone who has owned a male dog is probably worried that he’s getting ready to mark his territory — but no.

He had something very different in mind. A bit of a bookworm, the skinny pup selected a book, picked it up, and walked out with it again.

As he walked through the doorway, he held his head high and almost pranced. He looks genuinely happy.

But then you can see through the window that some people notice and approach him. Dropping the book, he started wagging ferociously.

A student brought the book back to the oblivious staff member at the front desk. The title of the book was more than perfect, given the situation.

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“The Days of Abandonment.” That was the name of the book the stray had carried off.

The public has loved this little story and the video has been viewed many times. The bookstore posted an update, saying that originally the pup had wandered off from his foster home, and that afternoon two members from the rescue came and picked him up again.

The Facebook post assured readers that “he will return to the same temporary home, where he will be medicated, vaccinated and very well taken care of. When it is 100%, it will be available for adoption. Thank you for all your affection with us and the dog.”

Thanks to a little fancy footwork and excellent taste in books, this pup will probably have the opportunity to sneak right into someone’s heart and steal that, too.

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