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Adam Schiff Eyeing US Senate Seat, But He Isn't the Only One - 'Vicious Succession Race'

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California Democrats have begun jockeying for the Senate seat currently held by 89-year old Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

The incumbent, who has federal office for more than thirty years, often struggles to express herself fluidly in Senate proceedings. Feinstein has been closely guarded by her staffers in a manner which has spurred questions of cognitive decline.

Feinstein — who would be 91 if she secured and began a seventh term in the senate — is expected to retire, although she’s been hesitant to announce her intentions.

Two House Democrats — Reps. Katie Porter and Barbara Lee — are already taking steps towards a campaign in what Politico calls a “vicious succession race” to replace Feinstein.

Russiagate advocate Rep. Adam Schiff is also reportedly eyeing the seat, according to Politico.

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Schiff’s known for little more than partisan attempts to deprive his political opponents of their civil liberties.

As previous chair of the House Intelligence Committee, Schiff focused on making outlandish claims that Republicans were compromised by Russia.

Partisan performance art is his forte, rather than working constructively with members of both parties on economic espionage and national security. (Porter’s experienced in this as well, by the way.)

It’s a near certainty that a Democrat will replace Feinstein as senator, but Schiff would be the worst option for the country.

Do you think Adam Schiff will run for U.S. Senate?

Republicans, independents and Democrats could make the argument that Bay Area congressman Ro Khanna would be the best bipartisan option to replace Feinstein.

Khanna’s a Democrat, but he has shown himself willing to speak against the extremism of his own party when called for.

He’s the kind of Democrat who’s willing and capable of appearing on Fox News and recognizing that the southern border is insecure.

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He’s a critic of Big Tech censorship — not an easy position to defend to billionaire Democratic donors, especially for an elected official who represents Silicon Valley.

Khanna has spoken thoughtfully about the future of the 21st century economy, as well — calling for his party to embrace an agenda of economic patriotism.

Khanna has pointed to the decline of the American middle class as a pressing concern for his party, calling for the return of jobs and economic opportunities shipped overseas since the end of the Cold War.

If Khanna were to run against Schiff, he’d give California Democrats a choice between a partisan hack, who spends every waking hour trying to make his opposition look bad, and a leader, who proposes original and thoughtful policy reforms.

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