African Woman Obliterates Dems for Kente Cloth Photo Op, Says They Treat Africans Like Children


Democrats have a penchant for pandering, but rarely are they held accountable for their outlandish behavior.

They make their rounds with minority voters during election years, and are known to curiously change their speaking patterns when speaking to mostly black audiences, but when the voting is over, they quickly return to taking black voters for granted.

They’ve done little to help struggling black communities for decades, which is why President Donald Trump had to step in and create an environment that worked for everyone.

But for some reason, Democrats feel entitled to the black vote, and for the first time in decades, they apparently feel the need to actually work for it.

Perhaps congressional Democrats felt they needed to make up for former Vice President Joe Biden’s “You ain’t black” gaffe, because they pulled out all the stops on Monday to attempt a show of solidarity with black people.

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In a bizarre, transparent, and disrespectful spectacle, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats draped themselves in Ghanaian kente-cloth stoles in Washington’s Emancipation Hall as they unveiled proposed legislation to reform the country’s law enforcement agencies.

The Democrats also knelt for a prolonged period of time to honor George Floyd, who was killed while in police custody in Minneapolis last month — leading to peaceful protests, large-scale riots and civil unrest.

You really get a sense looking at the images of the Democrats kneeling that they viewed the spectacle as a shining moment — one in which they would wrestle the narrative that they care for minorities away from a president who has actually helped minorities.

The only problem for Pelosi and her kente-wearing caucus is that virtually everyone saw through the mockery that Democrats were making of black Americans and Africans.

The images were so disturbing that renowned African pro-life advocate Obianuju Ekeocha chimed in via a video message on Twitter.

Ekeocha was notably peeved, and called out Democrats for their shamelessness.

“I had to say something about the American politicians shameless and ignorantly using the Kente fabric as a prop in their virtue signaling,” she tweeted, warning, “I’m usually more mild mannered than this so please forgive me, I’m upset.”

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While Ekeocha said she wanted to avoid commenting on the George Floyd protests, as she is not an American, she unloaded on the virtue-signaling lawmakers for using Africans and their culture as political props.

“Excuse me, dear Democrats, in your tokenism, you didn’t wait to find out that this thing that you’re hanging around your neck is not just some African uniform. It’s actually the kente material. The kente belongs to the Ghanaian people, mainly the Ashanti tribe,” she explained.

“Excuse me, Democrats. Don’t treat Africans like we’re children. These fabrics and these colorful things that we have within our culture and tradition, they all mean something to us,” a notably animated Ekeocha added. “I know you look at us and you say, ‘Oh, Africans, you’re so cute in all of your colorful dresses.’ Well, some of those dresses and patterns and colors and fabrics actually do mean something to us.”

Ekeocha schooled Democrats by informing them that their photo op attire belonged to the Ashanti people of Ghana and scolded them for disrespectfully using the stoles to pander to black people.

“Why are you using the kente material to signal your virtue? Stop it. We are not children. Africans are not children,” she said.

Would you like to see Democrats apologize for blatantly using Africans as political props?

“Leave our tradition and our culture and to us,” Ekeocha concluded. “And if you don’t know much about it, ask somebody. I’m sure there would have been something else you could have done to show your solidarity with black people instead of taking the kente material and making a little show of it.”

Ekeocha’s video quickly piled up more than 1.3 million views.

The retort from Ekeocha has to really sting for Democrats, who must have really thought they were onto something by reducing themselves to appropriating African culture.

How did not a single staffer intervene and stop the political theatre?

Only people who are either wholly out of touch or are surrounded by sycophants would behave so disrespectfully, and they earned every bit of the backlash they received online.

Even worse, the failed publicity stunt came just a week after Democrats accused President Trump of visiting St. John’s Episcopal Church in Washington for a political photo-op after it was set on fire by looters.

Not only should Democrats apologize to Ghanaians for their stunning display of tone-deafness, but Pelosi should also apologize to every single American citizen for making a mockery of such a serious issue during a time of national uncertainty.

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