After Anti-Trump Punks Deface US Flag Mural, 17-Year-Old Patriot Steps In


When an Arizona teen spotted something very wrong with an American flag mural painted on a retaining wall near his home, he decided to step up and make things right.

The mural, which had been there as long as 17-year-old Ryne Bolick could remember, was a point of pride, a type of patriotic imagery that would make him smile every time he passed it. But one day he noticed a new addition to the painting, courtesy of someone who’s no fan of President Donald Trump.

“F*** Trump!!! F*** ICE!” was scrawled in black spray paint over the flag, according to AZ Central.

Bolick wasn’t happy.

In a tweet posted on June 25, he expressed his disappointment with those who defaced the mural.

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“This really upsets me. Regardless of your political views, this flag has been here for over ten years. A flag has no politically charged message associated with it. It represents pride in your country. Not only is this disrespectful to private property, but also our flag,” he wrote.

WARNING: The following image contains vulgar language that some viewers may find offensive.

“I was completely shocked because to me the American flag just represents pride in our country,” Bolick said. “All politics aside, I don’t look at this from a political perspective.”

Bolick was able to separate the love of country from politics.

“I personally feel like whoever was behind this, they’re not really attacking the right people … They’re just making the American flag a target,” Bolick said.

Are you proud of this young man?

But instead of just posting on social media, Bolick decided to take action. AZ Central reported that the patriotic teen plans on reaching out to the owners of the property and will offer to restore the mural to its full glory.

He’s doing it out of respect for the flag and respect for the community, as he explained that he doesn’t want people to drive by and see a national symbol laced with profanity.

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“It’s only solely because I think it’s the respectful thing to do,” Bolick said. “… I’d much rather have people pass by this wall every day and see a bright shiny American flag rather than a bunch of profanity.”

Bolick also used Twitter to enlist his peers or anyone else willing to help restore the mural.

Bolick’s call did not go unheeded. On Thursday, two Phoenix police officers showed up to restore the flag. As AZ Central reported, Officer Mario Lozoya and Sgt. Matt Morgan were spotted by a neighborhood resident painting over the graffiti.

It’s refreshing to know that some teenagers — and local cops — still take an active interest in their communities and understand what it means to love and respect America and her flag.

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