Age 6 Boy 'Mad at God' for Disability. Then Mom Sees Teen on TV & Knows He's the Answer


Viral videos primarily offer us a few minutes of entertainment. They may even leave viewers feeling inspired or more hopeful.

It’s rare that they spark a personal connection between the star of the video and the video’s viewers. Jayce Crowder, now 6, was in need of some inspiration and hope.

That’s when he saw a viral video of Trashaun Willis. Willis’ skill as an athlete was impressive on its own.

Most of his left arm is missing, but that just makes his slam dunks even more outstanding. Jayce has the same congenital defect.

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Jayce was being teased at Pleasant Hill Elementary School in Des Moines as a kindergartener. He was beginning to really notice and question the physical difference between himself and his peers.

His mother, Cortney Lewis, told USA Today, “He actually told us he was mad at God for making him that way. That was a huge dagger to the heart.”

Jacye was missing most of his left arm because of a rare condition known as amniotic band syndrome.

When he was still developing in the womb, his mom’s amniotic sack had strands that wrapped around his left elbow, affecting its growth.

Incredibly, the viral basketball player Lewis and Jayce saw on TV had the same story about his missing left arm. At the time, Willis was an eighth-grader in Washington, Iowa.

He has since become Jayce’s role model. Lewis’ family friend saw the Register’s story about Willis and sent them a text.

That led to Willis and Jayce meeting each other in person at Washington Middle School. Jayce was given a shirt with the phrase “Ten fingers are overrated” on it.

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More importantly, Willis talked to the young boy about God’s perfect design even though they were both missing most of their left arms. Jayce also was given advice on how to handle the teasing.


The meeting was not only beneficial for the kids, but for the mothers as well. Willis’ mom, Jennifer Williams, and Lewis still text each other.

It’s the kind of support Lewis never thought she would have. She told USA Today, “I know in my heart that everything’s going to be OK, but it reassured me that, I mean Trashaun’s grown up to be a wonderful kid.”

The viral video of Willis was a source of inspiration and hope for both Lewis and Jayce.

Even better, it led to personal friendships that positively influenced a young boy’s view of his missing left arm and Willis’ view of himself as a role model: everyone benefited from this providential meetup!

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Carolyn Fultz is a former contributor for Liftable Media. She holds a B.A. in Communication from Hope College.
Carolyn Fultz is a former contributor for Liftable Media. She holds a B.A. in Communication from Hope College. Carolyn's writing has been featured in both online and print media, including Just Between Us magazine. She resides in Phoenix with her husband and children.
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