Agents Tried to Purchase Illegal Guns 72 Times, Gun Grabbers Won't Like Results


Between July 2015 to November 2017, agents affiliated with the Government Accountability Office tried to illegally buy firearms online to determine “the ease with which individuals can choose to circumvent” gun laws on the web.

In a report submitted afterward to Democrat Rep. Elijah E. Cummings and Democrat Sens. Brian Schatz and Elizabeth Warren — all three of whom staunchly oppose gun rights — the GAO unveiled the results of this study.

And let’s just say the chances that Cummings, Schatz and Warren were satisfied with the results are exceedingly low, as it turns out the GAO’s agents were able to purchase a grand total of zero guns from the standard internet. Yep, zero.

“In our 72 attempts to purchase firearms from private sellers on the Surface Web, 56 sellers refused to complete a transaction once we revealed that either the shipping address was across state lines or that we were prohibited by law from owning firearms,” the report reads.

In five of their attempts, their online accounts were frozen “after we disclosed our prohibited status or requested interstate shipment and attempted to make a purchase.”

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In the final 11 attempts, sellers tried to scam them: “In two of these instances, we made a payment and never received the firearm or a refund. In the remaining nine attempted scams, our agents determined that the seller may not be legitimate and therefore did not complete the purchase.”

While this may sound meaningless to some, it actually represents a significant victory for gun rights activists. Why? Because it “proves that the laws currently on the books work just fine and that new laws aren’t needed,” as noted by Tom Knighton of Bearing Arms.

Moreover, it negates false claims by leftist politicians like Cummings, Schatz and Warren who insist that because of America’s allegedly lax gun laws, any random person can easily purchase a gun online without having his background checked.

The only way someone might be able to obtain a weapon without any checks online is via the so-called “deep web,” a hidden portion of the internet used by gangsters, thugs and other law-breaking goons to distribute everything from drugs to guns, child pornography and more.

Out of seven attempts to obtain weapons via this corrupted part of the internet, in fact, the GAO succeeded in acquiring two guns.

But because the “deep web” is itself rooted in criminality, this portion of the study isn’t even remotely relevant to gun rights.

Here are the facts: gun control laws don’t affect criminals like those who inhabit the “deep web.” They only affect law-abiding firearm owners and sellers like the dozens who refused to sell any weapons to the GAO’s undercover agents because they knew doing so would be wrong.

Therefore, the push by Democrats to impose even more gun laws on law-abiding Americans isn’t just dumb; it’s also criminal, in that it only empowers law-breaking criminals while simultaneously robbing law-abiding gun owners/sellers of their constitutionally guaranteed Second Amendment rights.

My question now to Cummings, Schatz, Warren and their peers is this: Why would you want to do that? Why!?

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