'AGT' Fans Upset After Early Favorite Exits Show in Tears


Yusaku Mochizuki has a rare talent: he’s an insanely skilled juggler. The 29-year-old from Tokyo has taken his act across the globe.

When he was 13, he started to train, and in 2015 he was awarded gold at the world championship of the International Jugglers’ Association, according to Heavy.

He set his sights on a new goal this year: Winning the 2018 season of America’s Got Talent. He stunned judges and the audience with a speedy demonstration of his diabolo skills.

Combining his extensive practice with a light show, he quickly became a fan favorite. People have especially appreciated his enthusiasm and friendliness.

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“He took something that could be incredibly boring to watch, and made it entertaining and visually stimulating,” wrote one YouTube commenter. “The fireworks at the end really sold it for me.”

But Wednesday night he was on the chopping block, along with Angel City Chorale and Junior New System. Mochi’s act was certainly unique, but unfortunately he placed third in the Dunkin’ Save voting.

Even before he was beat out by singers and dancers, the emotions were getting to him. At least the other groups had their friends and fellow artists with them: Mochi stood by himself.

Fans have been in an uproar over this upset, and have little respect for the two acts that made it over Mochi.

“Mochi should have got it,” wrote a fan on Facebook.

“I am not all that impressed with many of the acts that made it this far,” wrote yet another. “Mochi was sure robbed. I wouldn’t pay to see the choir or the dancing boys wearing women’s shoes. Sorry.”

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Others chimed in with similar feelings. “I honestly think Mochi should have made it through instead of junior dance crew.”

“It amazes me that people think that singing in a choir takes more talent than what Mochi did or Junior New System dancing in heels like that. I’m appalled at America.”

Others weren’t as supportive, saying that the message of Angel City Choir alone made them the rightful winners. Some weren’t impressed with Mochi’s “talent,” calling it a glorified yo-yo routine.

What did you think — did this elimination surprise you? Who are you rooting for?

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