Allen West: Here Are 3 Reasons Every Christian Should Vote in the Georgia Elections


I was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1961, in the same neighborhood where the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. preached. It was there I first heard the word of God and learned the Judeo-Christian values that have guided my life ever since.

With Georgia’s two Senate runoff elections just a day away from being decided, I am genuinely concerned for my home state.

A few thousand voters could make the difference in the outcomes of these runoff elections, and in doing so, they will determine the balance of power in the U.S. Senate, which will shape the future of our nation, for good or for ill.

Christian voters: I urge you to make your voices heard through your votes. If you are on the fence about casting your ballot, here is why your vote is necessary:

Thousands of votes make a huge difference.

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More than 2 million people have already voted in the Senate runoff elections in Georgia — approximately 39 percent of the voters registered in the state this year.

If we learned anything from the 2020 presidential election, it is just how small the margin of victory or loss can be. We saw this in swing state after swing state, most notably in Georgia.

Though Georgia had not elected a Democrat as president since former President Clinton’s election in 1992, Georgia turned “blue” this year by fewer than 12,000 votes. That is due largely to progressive officials and leaders campaigning loudly and proudly for their radical agenda and against America as we know it.

Do you think it's important for Christians to vote in the Georgia Senate runoffs?

Their tactics worked.

What has happened in Georgia is part of the strategic plan of corrupt influences in America, who have infiltrated strong, biblically committed states like Georgia, Texas and Florida in an attempt to spread their failing ideology. They are settling into major population centers, where we have actually witnessed the consequences of policies that ignore principles outlined in Scripture.

I am very fortunate to serve as the national spokesperson for My Faith Votes, a nonpartisan organization that equips and mobilizes Christians throughout the United States to vote. Why? Because Christians are notoriously bad voters — meaning they do not often show up.

An estimated 25 million Christians do not vote in elections, from local to national. That is a huge number: enough to make a difference in the outcome of an election.

Our faith teaches us that we should love our neighbors — voting is just one way to do that.

As a Christian, I take seriously Jesus’ words as recorded in Matthew 22:37-39:

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“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself” (ESV).

We know Scripture does not specifically speak to voting in democratic elections. But Scripture does tell us to care for others. I think voting is one of the most effective ways of doing that in the United States.

When we vote, we are not only voting for ourselves and our interests; we are voting for our nation and for the interests of others. Essentially, voting is a way of helping to ensure the well-being of our fellow citizens.

Moreover, a recent Pew Research Center report is telling: “Around half of Americans (49%) say the Bible should have a great deal or some influence on the laws of the U.S., including 28% who say it should take precedence when it conflicts with the will of the people.”

Because we live in a constitutional republic, we can vote for life, or we can vote against it. We can vote for religious and economic freedom, or we can vote against them.

The future of America is at stake.

Today, secularism pervades our media, academia, courts — nearly every part of our culture. Joe Biden went so far as to say if a person of color like myself voted to re-elect President Donald Trump in November, then “you ain’t black.”

I am a proud black man, a proud conservative and a proud American. I have had enough of this nonsense.

Many of our leaders have aligned themselves with corrupt media giants to suppress information.

Their messages of “hope and change” are merely a retread of the failed socialist rhetoric we have seen in the Soviet Union, Cuba and Venezuela. These progressive ideals are antithetical to the fundamental principles of our constitutional republic. I fear the outcome of such a regime at a time when the American people need leadership they can trust.

So, Christian voters in Georgia: Vote your biblical values, the values that are foundational to our nation. If you do, then people of faith across America will be able to rest assured they will be heard and represented in the 117th Congress.

At My Faith Votes, we have joined The Frederick Douglass Foundation, Faith & Freedom Coalition, Million Voices and Intercessors for America to create GA Faith Votes, an effort to rally Christian voters in Georgia.

If you live in my home state, we encourage you to vote, educate and activate. If you do not reside in Georgia but are sympathetic to our cause, we invite you to pray for Christians in Georgia as they cast their votes and make a decision that will impact us all.

The fate of our nation will soon be decided.

Far too much hangs in the balance for Christian voters to remain silent.

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Allen West is a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, the chairman of the Republican Party of Texas and a former representative of Florida’s 22nd Congressional District. In 2020, he joined My Faith Votes as a spokesperson to mobilize Christians to participate in elections. His newest book is “We Can Overcome: An American Black Conservative Manifesto" (Brown Books, 2020).