Alyssa Milano Makes the Hilariously Ignorant Comparison of Masks and AR-15s


Hollywood TV actress and left-wing Twitter commentator Alyssa Milano compared AR-15 rifles and personal face masks this week in a Twitter post that was either aimed at attacking gun ownership, calling out those who don’t wear masks or both.

“Anti-maskers are the same people who think they need an AR-15 for ‘protection,’” wrote Milano, in an apparent effort to insult those who don’t have the luxury of hiring armed security guards to accompany them when they go out, as Milano did in 2018 as she protested at the annual National Rifle Association convention in Dallas.

It’s unclear if Milano’s well-documented security detail has rearmed to a loadout of 5.56 KN95 assault masks.

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In any event, the actress used all caps on Twitter to drive home her false equivalence fallacy.


The actress didn’t allow for much dissent, though, as she customized the post to permit only a select few people to respond. That was probably a good idea, but Milano’s broken logic was challenged anyhow.

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There is of course the fact that Milano admitted publicly in 2019 that she is the owner of two firearms. That fact makes her post all the more confusing.

The armed and anti-gun actress, a proponent of masks, actually thought a crocheted mask was a good idea to tout early on during the coronavirus pandemic. She was rightly dragged for that, too.

But does this all mean she shouldn’t be taken seriously?

Her post about masks and sporting rifles was so profoundly thought-provoking that I actually eyed my AR-15s and considered trading them in for a single mask. “Could such a mask prevent me from being brutalized during a home invasion robbery and also protect me from catching the intruder’s germs?” I thought.

Full disclosure: I didn’t actually do any of that. I would never listen to Milano, nor should anyone. Ever.

What is she even talking about here? Is Hollywood’s echo chamber locked so tight that an out-of-touch celebrity-land people think there is only one threat to their lives? Does Milano think that since we’re living during a pandemic that people with a propensity toward violent acts won’t rob and/or kill and rape normal peasants without walls around their homes?

Do you wear a mask or other face covering when you are out in public?

It’s difficult to ascertain exactly what the actress was talking about. Let us all just shake our heads in unison at the lunacy. Milano is not a serious person.

I deduced upon rereading the tweet that I should keep my rifles, and my other guns, and continue to avoid giving serious consideration to the thoughts of a woman who was paid to pretend to be a nice witch on The WB’s “Charmed” for eight years.

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