An Open Letter to the Democratic National Committee and the Mainstream Media


Dear DNC, Mainstream Media, FBI and DOJ,

I am confessing to the greatest political heist in history.

Full disclosure: There is a rumor that somewhere in our family tree there is a Russian in the woodpile … so maybe soon the FBI and the DNC will come knocking and the next thing you know I’ll be on Jerry Springer revealing how I came to allow the Russian in me to influence my vote. My Ancestry DNA test was leaked to WikiLeaks so I am coming clean on this.

I have spent evenings watching political pundits and listening to mainstream media’s revered political sages. I have spent years reading The Wall Street Journal, The Hill, National Review etc., even though they weren’t written for me. They were written for the educated; I was just too uneducated to know it. I know it now though, as I read through articles and listen to the political pundits. I look at all your contributors trying to figure out us — the common blue-collar citizen.

Your esteemed writers and pundits ask how can we still stand behind Trump — after all he is in bed with Putin. What you don’t realize is many of the working class (not all but many) envied Russia.

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They had a strong leader who put Russia’s interests above the rest of the world’s. We wanted that too. When Putin drew a “red line,” he meant it.

Our former president apologized for our exceptionalism; he made us conform to those seeking refuge in our country and apologize to them if we offended them. Putin told refugees that they needed to adapt to Russia — after all, they needed Russia more than Russia needed them. Yes, we longed to hear our president say those words about the U.S.

You forgot a long time ago what we — the middle class, blue collar, fly-over folks — are even about. You got so comfortable in your elitist ivory towers that you simply did not care. You thought we were too stupid, too uneducated to even bother with.

Never is there an article or an opinion giving voice from someone in the middle class. A truck driver, say, or a bricklayer — you know, just a person forced to struggle through the economy, the regulations, the political correctness their betters imposed on them for their own good.

Do you agree that Trump is accomplishing what you sent him to D.C. to do?

You think we don’t know what the media was trying to do during the 2016 election by stating that the uneducated leaned toward Trump. The subliminal message that if we had a brain we would be supporting Hillary Clinton. That “white males” heavily favored Trump … as if being a white male were a bad thing? It’s not, nor is it privileged.

Most have just tuned you out. I pay attention because on some level I am still insulted by your words, still baffled by your apparent obtuseness where it comes to what is really happening in this country and with its people. Your determination that you know better than me and millions of other workers. Unlike you I won’t say I represent the thoughts of every worker or middle-class inhabitant. You get on TV or write in your columns how Americans are tired of Trump’s antics.

You don’t know that — but you hope if you say it enough it will be true.

We don’t trust you — we are certainly not going to give you our true opinions for you to use against us later. We know that if we don’t give a politically correct answer you will harass us and try to make us feel like we are racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and have a host of other sordid politically incorrect mental illnesses. So, we just lie to you because you are so filled with your own superior opinions that it would never cross your mind that we wouldn’t share in them.

After all, we remember what happened to Joe the Plumber, the bakers who wouldn’t cater a gay wedding, and others foolish enough to speak out.

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You criticize my president for not conforming to how a president should act? Not too long ago Bill Clinton was on TV talking about what underwear he wore or the fact that he had tried pot, but didn’t inhale. I won’t even talk about his innovative use of a cigar.

Did that strike you as presidential?

Not a peep from any pro-women group on that one, but God forbid some private locker room talk gets into the media.

As for Trump’s behavior — his bawdy personality — that is why I voted for him. I wanted someone to come in and shake, slap and turn the political world upside down. I wanted someone to rock your world. Yes, I know I am uneducated, but lest we forget, it was the over-educated who put our country into a $20 trillion deficit. How can you claim to be so smart and so educated– graduated from Harvard, Yale, Brown, etc. … and yet destroy a perfectly wonderful country and its government?

I do know that every time the government has given to some who didn’t earn it, it has taken from someone who has. I do know that when you force me to take money out of my paycheck because you promise you will take care of me when I retire, it’s not an entitlement.

Give me my money back; I will invest it myself. But you can’t give it back because it isn’t there.

My social security would have been fine if those who are so much more intelligent than I am hadn’t embezzled from the social security fund to give life to the Grand Society — otherwise known as welfare. I don’t mind giving a helping hand, but please explain to me how we have generations of families who have been on welfare? You can’t because you were blinded by your own sense of superiority.

We the working people, the middle class, entrusted all of you — the media, the journalists, the politicians — with a perfectly good system and you screwed it up. We didn’t begrudge you your money, the sleight of hand that exempted Congress from laws you passed. We overlooked the fact that you accomplished what amounted to insider trading as you bought and sold stock based on the laws you were passing, getting filthy rich in the process. We didn’t care, as long as you took care of business.

But you couldn’t.

So this time, we didn’t vote for a politician. We didn’t vote for the most poetic, most diplomatic, most sophisticated — we voted for a brawler. A blue-collar, no-nonsense, rock-your-boat-and-make-your-toes-curl one-man destruction machine to take D.C. apart and put together something that works.

The politicians, pundits and intelligentsia are so out of touch with the backbone of your own country. All of you — Republicans, Democrats, the media. In case you think you can remove Trump from office on some pretense, please remember: He was legally elected by the people of this country who believe illegals voted but don’t believe the country should be controlled by Los Angeles, New York City or Chicago.

Trump is exactly where we want him to be, doing what we sent him there to do.

We are the silent majority and we are taking our country back.

Mr. Mueller, I did it: I colluded with my fellow Americans to elect Trump and pull off the greatest presidential election heist in history … the Russian in my family woodpile made me do it.


Becca Holcomb

Rebecca Holcomb is the author of Union Hypocrisy and the novel Clandestine under her pen name Stella Francis Faulkes, both available on Amazon. She is an expert on organized labor and politics. She spent 16 years in organized labor and has been a guest on several radio shows. She has spent the past 10 years working and speaking with blue collar/middle class workers across the U.S.

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