Anthem Protester Releasing Anti-White Book


With the NFL’s ratings having spent a season in free fall, you’d think some players might consider modifying their “social justice”-centric behavior and rhetoric. But not Seattle Seahawks defenseman Michael Bennett, apparently.

According to The News Tribune of Tacoma, Washington, the proud “social justice” warrior and national anthem protester intends to release a glaringly racist book in April titled, “Things that Make White People Uncomfortable.”

Co-written by The Nation’s sports editor, Dave Zirin, the book will detail “Bennett’s experiences and thoughts on race relations not just in the NFL but in our society,” the News Tribune notes.

“I think the title is a just a title to start a conversation so people want to read. I think the book I’m focusing on is issues that I see that are important in America, and that are my view,” Bennett reportedly said about his book last summer.

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So the guy wants to drum up interest in his book about racism by giving the book a blatantly racist title? That makes no sense, but neither does anything about the NFL’s beloved “social justice.”

The following book description from Bennett’s publisher, Haymarket Books, offers a little more insight into the guy’s thought process:

“Bennett adds his unmistakable voice to discussions of racism and police violence, Black athletes and their relationship to powerful institutions like the NCAA and the NFL, the role of protest in history, and the responsibilities of athletes as role models to speak out against injustice.”

It seems clear from this description that Bennett is among those liberals who believe America is a fundamentally racist nation whose institutions (criminal justice, law enforcement, etc.) are overflowing with discrimination and injustice.

Is Michael Bennett a racist?

Moreover, Bennett apparently believes that the culprits behind all this alleged discrimination and injustice are all white people.

There’s just one problem: This is nonsense, and the guy’s own history proves that he’s a race-baiter no different than Al Sharpton.

Last year he accused Las Vegas police officers of profiling and then brutalizing him during an encounter outside a nightclub in the city.

According to Bennett’s version of events, he had been walking to his hotel room from the club on the night of Aug. 26 when he suddenly heard what sounded like gunshots. Local authorities then allegedly “singled” him out and “pointed their guns” at him for “simply being a black man in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

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But as the Conservative Tribune reported in September, the allegations were a farce. First, Bennett was not targeted because of his race.

Second, the cops ordered everyone to drop to the ground and remain still so they could investigate the shooting. But instead of complying, Bennett chose to run, perhaps believing his status as an NFL star worth an estimated $17 million made him exempt from following lawful orders.

The police wound up forcing him to the ground, verifying his identity and releasing him within 10 minutes. Yet his post about that night’s events still remains active on Twitter, suggesting he still wants followers to believe he was a victim of police racism that night.

I’m going to be blunt: Bennett probably wouldn’t know what real racism and discrimination looked like if it slapped him across the face. How would he? He’s a multimillionaire NFL star who’s been blessed by the very country he hates.

Actually, let me correct myself. He does know a lot about racism — about anti-white racism, to be exact, as that happens to be the exact brand of racism he’s proudly chosen to practice.

How disgraceful.

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