Anti-American Prof Admits Fantasizing About Kicking Homeless White Boy, Stealing His Food


An associate professor at the State University of New York recently published an appalling essay detailing how he felt about encountering homeless white people in New York City.

The College Fix reported that on June 11, Nicholas Powers, an English professor who also contributes to a website called, published an essay called “Seeing poor white people makes me happy.”

In the essay, Powers flaunted his racist views, at one point writing that seeing homeless, struggling white people begging for money in a black neighborhood “feels like justice.”

Even worse, Powers described his temptation to assault a homeless “white boy” near a New York City subway. “Should I kick him in the face? Hard? No, chill, he’s not worth it.”

“I shake the evil out of my head and go into the subway. He comes every Spring … I never give. I should tho ‘cause he makes me feel good,” Powers wrote.

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Do you think the professor should lose his job?

The professor also wrote that coming across homeless white people fulfills his fantasy and vision of “Afro-futurism,” which according to the Huffington Post is the “reimagining of a future filled with arts, science and technology seen through a black lens.”

In another shocking vignette, Powers discussed his decision not to intervene in one instance when he witnessed several black men spitting on the young man.

He invoked Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the essay, depicting the civil rights activist as an inner-voice life-coach telling Powers to do the right thing.

“I stopped myself. It’s the Martin Luther King Jr. life-coach again, saying, ‘Love your enemies! Get to know them as people.’ No Dr. King! Today I own my anger. I want to snatch his food and say, ‘Go beg in a white neighborhood!’ And eat it. And rub my belly. And laugh.”

According to The Washington Times, the essay has been deleted from the website and neither Powers nor SUNY administrators have commented on the piece. Other racist pieces he’s published, including “How the ‘white voice’ becomes a poison,” are still online.

The kind of fantasies Powers indulges in do nothing to help race relations in America; his blatant racism can only harm efforts at racial reconciliation.

Let’s be honest, if a white professor at any college in America penned the same garbage as Powers with the races in the situation reversed, the outrage would be quick and brutal. He would be excoriated by the mainstream media, social media and his peers.

He’d likely lose his job and repercussions would likely ruin his career, as well he should.

Powers’s essay was inexcusably racist. Who knows how many young, vulnerable minds he may have influenced by somehow trying to justify those racist thoughts as acceptable?

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Hopefully SUNY administrators will at least notice the bile this racist professor is publishing and take action before his propaganda spreads any further.

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