Antifa Frauds Attack, Chase Off Trump Supporters Protesting White Supremacists


William F. Buckley spent much of his iconic career defining the boundaries of conservatism and making it clear that white supremacists had no part in the movement.

On Sunday, Alexander Duvel and Suzzane Monk sought to do the same thing in the nation’s capital by showing that supporting President Donald Trump is not at all the same thing as supporting white supremacists.

Donning “Trump 2020” T-shirts, they appeared at the Unite the Right rally in Washington. Their purpose was not to decry the very real violence of the anti-Trump left, but to oppose the founder and leader of the Unite the Right movement, Jason Kessler.

At last year’s Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, Kessler and his followers engaged in a street battle with counter-demonstrators. The result was 19 people injured and one woman dead.

Kessler is also a Trump supporter, which galvanized Monk and Duvel to appear at Sunday’s protest. The couple, who made headlines last year when their Chicago music store got caught in leftists’ crosshairs last year, knew what they had to do.

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In a statement to the Gateway Pundit, Monk explained the reason for their presence:

“When I heard that Jason Kessler was going to be rallying in D.C., I immediately knew I wanted to go and protest his rally,” she said. “The vast majority of Trump supporters are disgusted by the likes of Jason Kessler, and are fed up with being accused of racism merely because Kessler, a racist, claims to like Trump. I felt as a Trump supporter this was an opportunity to show my strong opposition to Kessler, and help to dispel the false narrative that Trump voters stand with racists.”

That noble effort ended up drawing violence, not from the white supremacists but from the anti-Trump left, especially antifa, the black-masked group of domestic terrorists known for committing violence against Trump supporters.

Ignoring the married couple’s protest signs against Kessler, the anti-Trump group surrounded Monk and Duvel and began attacking not only them but the also media for trying to interview them, Monk told the Gateway Pundit.

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Chanting “no free speech for racists,” the mob turned violent, and also attacked the police trying to protect Monk and Duvel, Monk said.

“We remained totally peaceful and respectful, but it became clear that our presence was creating a danger for the security and media around us, not just ourselves,” she said. “Thus I made the decision to ask one of the DC Peace Team who was surrounding us in protection to help escort us out of the park. The group formed a circle of hands around us and began to attempt to walk us out of the park in a human circle. Our leaving actually incited the mob to further violence and they began throwing water bottles, kicking Alexander’s legs, pushing and shoving, trying to get him to engage in a fight. He was utterly peaceful. The DC Peace Team got us to the edge of the park, but at this point the mob choose to follow us, and attack further. Their thrown bottles and spray paint attacks hit not only us but members of the Peace Team trying to help us get out unharmed.”

This attack confirmed what Monk and Duvel believed about antifa protesters on the anti-Trump left: They are as violent as the white supremacists.

“Our counter protest of Kessler and Antifa proved one thing,” Monk continued. “The left is truly the instigator of violence, and is capable of just as much hatred as the white nationalists, perhaps more. Antifa and other violent Leftist political groups are a danger to society and our way of life. We cannot tolerate political groups that attack police, media and civilians with impunity. We must change our strategy in dealing with these groups, and stop tolerating even the moderate violence we saw Sunday. Our cities must have the available police resources to not only create dividers between dueling hate groups, but to KEEP the PEACE. We must arrest individuals who are violating that peace right away, not wait for video footage to hunt down vandals after the fact. By tolerating ANY level of violence, we are actually fueling more violence in the future.”

It’s the kind of stance William F. Buckley, with his disdain for white supremacists as described in a Politico profile, would have appreciated.

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In historian Maurice Isserman’s book “Which Side Were You On?: The American Communist Party During the Second World War,” the Depression-era American Communist Party members who defended Soviet imperialism are described in a way that could sound familiar to those viewing the radical leftists of 2018.

But although they hated anyone, even authentically leftists, for the “crime” of opposing the Soviet Union, the members of the American Communist Party had one crucial difference with antifa.

They defended the tyranny of Joseph Stalin but never engaged in the bone-crushing violence of the antifa movement.

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