Reporter Goes to Pipeline Protest, Finds Guy in Dress, Jugs of Urine, 'Twilight' Books


Writing in the 1930s, George Orwell once pointed out that the worst advertisement for socialism was the physical appearance of socialists.

Orwell, himself a socialist, albeit a critical one, cited the example of two socialists who shared a bus with the writer while wearing shorts that were too small for their bottoms.

But today, an environmentalist who is protesting the completion of an oil pipeline in Louisiana has made Orwell’s socialists look like the height of responsibility.

Traveling into the headquarters of the protesters, an alligator and snake-infested swamp called the Louisiana Atchafalaya Basin, the biggest swamp in America, The Daily Caller encountered bizarre figures.

Instead of being “tree huggers,” the environmentalists lived in tree houses.

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There, along with their comrades living in tents, they use water jugs to urinate in.

But the most bizarre of the figures protesting the Bayou Bridge pipeline —  which is 85 percent finished — was a dress-wearing male calling himself “Baby Face.”

Completing “Babyface’s” cross-dressing ensemble were a pair of snake boots.

“Babyface” refused to provide his true identity, being “a little wary about telling my story. I don’t trust reporters.”

Will Democrats attract normal voters if this is what their base looks like?

They might sound dumb, but they’re a literate lot, apparently. As The Daily Caller reported: “It also appeared the protesters passed the time by reading teenage fan-fiction — several ‘Twilight’ novels were lying around.” (Bet “Babyface” is on Team Jacob.)

The tactics used by “Babyface” and his comrades, some of whom have lived in the swamp for months now, involve impeding the completion of the pipeline by obstructing workers.

They assert that the bridge will harm the environment while they litter the swamp with trash. (Much as some of the same protesters made a garbage dump of the North Dakota site where they tried to stop the Keystone XL pipeline.)

Other tactics involved in halting the completion of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline involve lawsuits filed by the Sierra Club, the Waterkeeper Alliance and Earth Justice.

Meanwhile, the sane people Heartland America have further reasons for being repelled by  environmentalists.

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It is a measure of how conflicted the Democrats are in appealing to constituencies that they are forced to choose between environmentalists and the white working class voters who largely elected Donald Trump.

A prime example of this conundrum occurred with former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.  In an attempt to court environmentalists, as Business Insider recounted, she vowed to “put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”

It was a stance that alienated much of America.

Thus, Democrats are presented with the task of putting environmentalists who clash with white working class Americans, and vice versa  into the same “big tent.”

All they have to do is make Middle America start to like folks llike “Babyface.”

Good luck with that.

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