AOC Wants to Deprive Immigrant Children of Beds So She Can Stick it to Trump


New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just set herself up for massive failure once again.

On Wednesday the freshman lawmaker tweeted her support for a group of Wayfair employees who decided to protest their employer over a shipment of beds to holding facilities for migrants on the border, which she recently compared to “concentration camps” in an Instagram video post.

“Wayfair workers couldn’t stomach they were making beds to cage children. They asked the company to stop. CEO said no. Tomorrow, they‘re walking out,” AOC tweeted. “This is what solidarity looks like – a reminder that everyday people have real power, as long as we’re brave enough to use it.”

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There are a few things wrong with both the Wayfair walkout and Ocasio-Cortez’s tweet.

First, instead of seeing the bed shipment as an opportunity to provide additional comfort to migrants at the border, Wayfair employees are using the company’s attempts at aid as a springboard to attack President Donald Trump’s administration and its policies on immigration.

And Ocasio-Cortez is apparently cool with that. After all, anything that’s even remotely anti-Trump is hip in Washington these days.

Democrats have been screaming for months to have the holding facilities renovated to more comfortably house unaccompanied minors. When presented with a real opportunity to do so, they threw a hissy fit and stomped their feet in protest.

Makes sense, right?

Second, Ocasio-Cortez’s wrote that “Wayfair workers couldn’t stomach they were making beds to cage children.”

She probably shouldn’t rake businesses over the coals unless she knows a thing or two about them. Wayfair and its employees do not make any furniture. They never have. According to Harvard Business School, Wayfair simply curates furniture from other sources and offers it at low prices in their catalog. Ocasio-Cortez is spreading fake news in order to further justify the Wayfair protest.

It’s a minor error, but one that needs to be corrected considering how outrageous the rest of her tweet is.

Twitter users called out the freshman congresswoman and her bizarre attack on an American company.

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“Do they not want kids to even have beds at all?” one person asked. “I’m seriously confused. How is giving them nothing helping?

“I agree they shouldn’t make beds so that children don’t have to sleep on the floor while they are being processed. Oh the humanity!!!” another tweeted sarcastically.

Another user offered a simple solution to the migrant issue currently plaguing the southern U.S. border, tweeting, “Clear out the camps and send them all back to where they came from. Problem solved.”

The bottom line? Wayfair has done absolutely nothing wrong and they need not apologize. Their bed shipment is a prime example of private business stepping in when the government finds themselves overwhelmed and needing support.

One has to wonder: if the same situation happened under Hillary Clinton or former President Barack Obama, would radical politicians would take the same stance? Probably not. But that’s the political world we live in today.

Holding facilities aren’t going away anytime soon, so why not put politics aside for five minutes and take part in making it better for the people who are forced to stay in them?

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