Conservatives Ask 16 Dem Senators About Alfie, Get Same Chilling Response From Each


Countless Americans of varying ideologies, and people of conscience all around the globe, watched with horror and anger as the tragic saga surrounding the life and death of a British toddler named Alfie Evans unfolded last month on the international stage.

The boy suffered from an undiagnosed neurological disorder, but rather than find out what that disorder was or allow the child to be transported to another hospital better equipped to diagnose and treat the disorder, the United Kingdom’s socialized National Health Service decided that Evans’ life was not worth saving and condemned him to death.

That death came slowly over the course of several days as the boy’s life support systems were removed and he was almost entirely denied any food, water or oxygen until he finally succumbed — a death sentence ordered by the NHS and enforced by the British and European courts despite objections and appeals by the boy’s parents and offers of assistance from other nations.

In the wake of that tragedy, The Daily Signal considered how a similar situation would play out in the U.S. if we adopted a socialized health care system on par with that of the U.K., and asked several Democratic senators pushing for such a change for their opinion on the matter.

That group of liberal senators was led by openly socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Vermont independent who has introduced legislation that would essentially expand the Medicare program to all Americans, regardless of age or income, and place the federal government in charge of virtually all health care decision making for all people.

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Sanders’ socialist “Medicare for all” bill has been signed by 15 co-sponsors, including Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, Cory Booker of New Jersey, Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, Kamala Harris of California, Martin Heinrich of New Mexico, Mazie Hirono of Hawaii, Patrick Leahy of Vermont, Edward Markey of Massachusetts, Jeff Merkley of Oregon, Brian Schatz of Hawaii, Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire, Tom Udall of New Mexico, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, and Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island.

The Daily Signal sent an email to the offices of all 16 of those senators which specifically noted they had “advocated for government-run health care” and asked for their thoughts on the Evans case and how a similar situation should be handled in America under their proposed system.

Not surprisingly, not a single one of those senators responded to the question.

That’s because, though they’ll never admit it in public, they know that under a socialized medical system, a similar situation would result in a similar result, as the bottom-line and solvency of the government-run program is more important than the life of a seriously ill individual who, in all likelihood, will never make a financial contribution to the overall system.

Are you surprised by the non-response of the Democrats who were surveyed?

Furthermore, they’d be blind not to see how aghast a majority of Americans were at what happened to Evans at the hands of the British health care system, and know that the popularity for the policy they are prescribing has waned immensely.

Bob Moffitt, a senior health care analyst for The Heritage Foundation, reached out to The Daily Signal in an email that shed light on why none of the senators responded by casting blame for the Evans tragedy on the U.K.’s socialist NHS.

“In the British system, the government arrogated to itself the final say over the child’s fate, not his loving parents, and in the process coldly repudiating the charitable provision of potential medical alternatives,” Moffitt wrote. “The British courts, of course, sided with the British government and its National Health Service personnel.”

“Americans must be on guard to make sure that government officials are never given such arbitrary power, power over life and death, denying the right of patients to go outside of the system and secure alternative sources of care or better medical treatment,” he added as a warning.

In reporting on the stunning silence of the 16 senators pushing socialized “Medicare for all” to the pointed question from The Daily Signal, RedState surmised that while those senators would never directly respond to the question, the silence wouldn’t last forever as they would eventually resume their push for such a system once the story had been buried by the media.

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But RedState also noted that people won’t forget Evans — or similar cases like that of Charlie Gard — and will keep them and others in mind as a prime example of how socialism simply doesn’t work, no matter where or how it is tried and regardless of protestations that “this time things will be different!”

Indeed, socialism has never worked and never will work because it is fundamentally flawed, and other than those who have been indoctrinated into believing it will, a free people will always choose to remain free to make their own decisions in all aspects of life, including their own health care and that of their families.

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Ben Marquis is a writer who identifies as a constitutional conservative/libertarian. He has written about current events and politics for The Western Journal since 2014. His focus is on protecting the First and Second Amendments.
Ben Marquis has written on current events and politics for The Western Journal since 2014. He reads voraciously and writes about the news of the day from a conservative-libertarian perspective. He is an advocate for a more constitutional government and a staunch defender of the Second Amendment, which protects the rest of our natural rights. He lives in Little Rock, Arkansas, with the love of his life as well as four dogs and four cats.
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