Baby Gets New Glasses, Has Priceless Reaction Seeing Parents Clearly for Very 1st Time


Although I needed glasses as early as 5th grade, I didn’t get them until 10th. I will always remember my optometrist joking that I would see that trees have leaves for the first time.

He was right. After five years accepting the world as a fuzzy blur of colors and movements, I spent hours looking at leaves on trees in the first days after my first pair of Calvin Klein wire-framed spectacles arrived.

To be fair, most parents are unaware of their child’s slight to moderate vision impairment until they are school-aged.

As early as first and second grade, the child’s vision becomes an apparent issue as they struggle to see classroom instruction.

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Deciphering a child’s visual impairment is harder when they are babies. Unable to talk, and not knowing what the world should look like, babies are unable to communicate their inability to see the world around them.

Instead, parents must pay attention. Early signs are often visual — misalignment, discharge, pervasive redness and irritation, off-color pupils, fluttering eyelids.

Behavioral cues can alert attentive parents of their child’s needs. An inability to track movement and a propensity to misjudge space leading to collisions are other common signs.

Even when parents suspect that their child is impaired and get confirmation from a doctor, solutions can be difficult. Babies, toddlers, and pre-school aged children are not known for their careful hands or ability to keep up with their belongings.

Christian is a beautiful baby boy who appears to be about 18 months. His parents decided to film his reaction to his first pair of glasses.

Glasses for small children are designed to curl around the head for added grip.

As the mom tried to place the snazzy blue spectacles on his head, he reacted the same way your pet does when you try to put clothes and shoes on them.

“He hates them already,” Christian’s father commented off camera. But where animals will actively try to remove the offensive foreign article, Christian settled down, almost frozen in place.

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They called Christian’s name as he sat open-jawed in his walker. You can almost see his eyes adjusting to the lenses placed in front of them.

Starting with a small smile, Christian’s entire demeanor brightened into excited giggles with a grin spanning the entire width of his face. In the most obvious form of baby approval, Christian squealed with glee and rattled his little fists.

Instead of leaves on trees, Christian was thrilled to see his parents clearly for the very first time.

After months of being cared for by moving blobs, he’ll finally be able to see their beaming smiles of love and pride.

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