Did Biden Commit War Crimes by Slaughtering 7 Children When He Said He Was Targeting ISIS-K?


President Joe Biden is being accused of committing war crimes after a drone strike — which was supposed to target terrorists from the Islamic State group’s Afghanistan affiliate — reportedly resulted in the slaughter of 10 Afghan civilians, including seven small children.

Biden’s latest debacle occurred Sunday when he ordered an airstrike in Kabul in the wake of last week’s terrorist bombings that killed 13 U.S. service members.

But the strike, which U.S. officials said was in response to a “specific, credible” terrorist threat, killed seven children ages 5 and younger, the Los Angeles Times reported Monday.

“In an instant, 10 people were killed, including no fewer than seven children,” the report said, citing as its source the brother of a 40-year-old man who died in the strike.

Capt. Bill Urban of the U.S. Central Command released an embarrassing statement Sunday in which he awkwardly referenced the collateral damage.

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“We are aware of reports of civilian casualties following our strike on a vehicle in Kabul today,” Urban said. “It is unclear what may have happened, and we are investigating further.”

Mohammad Fawad, a relative of one of the 10 Afghan victims, blamed Biden for their deaths.

He asked why the clueless American president could not tell the difference between civilian children and radical Islamic terrorists.

“I want Joe Biden to know about this,” Fawad told the Times. “Why do you attack these people and say it’s Daesh?”

Daesh is a pejorative Arabic term for the Islamic State group.

“All of these kids were martyred,” Fawad said, pointing to photos of the dead children.

“Look at them. Which one of these people is Daesh? These people worked with the government — with the U.S. And look at these kids. Do you think they’re Daesh?”

By bending the knee to the Taliban and by killing innocent Muslim civilians, Biden has made a bad situation even worse and possibly created more terrorists.

Jamshid Mejrabi, a relative of one of the victims of the strike, told the Times: “I hope that all Islamic countries unite in their view that America is a criminal.”

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A man who worked with one of Biden’s bombing victims said “we’re now much more afraid of drones than we are of the Taliban.”

Imagine the outrage if former President Donald Trump had ordered an airstrike that killed seven young children. Democrats and their media puppets would demand his immediate impeachment or resignation.

Biden merely had to endure sharp attacks on social media — including cries that he is a war criminal.

The United Nations’ definition of “war crimes” includes “intentionally directing attacks against the civilian population” and “intentionally launching an attack in the knowledge that such attack will cause incidental loss of life or injury to civilians.” It certainly seems unlikely that anyone in the Biden administration would “intentionally” do such a thing — and less likely that anyone could prove they had even if it were true.

That’s a great place for an American president to be — hoping people believe that you’re too incompetent to be guilty of war crimes.

Is this why Biden was nervously glancing at his watch during a somber ceremony honoring the 13 fallen U.S. military service members?

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