Biden Snaps After Interviewer Pulls Out Pic of Kid Obama Admin Put in Cage


Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden snapped at Univision’s Jorge Ramos on Friday during an interview after he was asked to explain the Obama administration’s immigration policies.

“At that debate in Houston, you said this about [your] administration, and I quote, ‘We didn’t lock people in cages,’” Ramos said during the live interview Friday on his Facebook show “Real America.”

“But you actually did,” he added.

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“We found a picture of an 8-year-old boy from Honduras,” Ramos continued, holding up a picture of a child under detainment.

“This was in 2014 in a detention center in McAllen, Texas,” he said.

Biden, who has been a vocal critic of the country’s immigration policies under President Donald Trump, became frustrated after being confronted with proof that his administration and President Barack Obama did indeed detain unaccompanied minors who had entered the country illegally.

“Yes, yes, yes, and what happened was that all the unaccompanied children were coming across the border. We tried to get them out. We kept them safe and get them out of the detention centers,” Biden responded.

Ramos again held up the photo of the child.

“Many people would say they were cages,” he said.

Biden then grew defensive.

“You know you’re not telling the truth here about the comparison of the two things,” he said.

“Look how we didn’t engage and we sought the relatives here,” Biden said, adding, “We sought to get them into safe communities. We sought to get them out of the control of Homeland Security to get them safe. But they came unaccompanied. Unaccompanied.”

He then blamed the recent influx of illegal immigration from countries such as Honduras and El Salvador on Trump for failing to give money to countries in Central America.

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“One of the things we should be doing — and you may recall I’m the only guy that got it done — was to provide for $750 million so people didn’t want to leave in the first place,” Biden said. “Making sure that we in fact change the circumstances which is causing them to flee in the first place.”

“They stopped funding it. This administration three years ago stopped spending the money,” he concluded.

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At a different point during the interview, Biden again grew defensive when he was grilled on the record number of deportations under the Obama administration.

“You had the last two administrations deport twice as many people as we deported. Twice as many,” he said.

Ramos responded: “I’m sorry, Mr. Vice President, but the numbers that I have from the Department of Homeland Security, you deported more than 3 million people, 1.7 million with no criminal records.”

The former vice president snapped back: “You’ve said it 17 times, I get it already.”

Biden has routinely accused Trump of locking children in cages — ignoring the fact that illegal immigrants are being temporarily housed in the same facilities that were used during his administration.

In 2012, the Obama administration set a single-year record with 409,849 deportations. Ultimately, 1.5 million people were deported during Obama and Biden’s first term.

Biden, who seems to be in a free-fall after once he enjoyed a commanding lead in the polls, told Ramos that he now believes those deportations were a “big mistake.”

The former vice president has made much of his campaign about attaching himself to Obama and his policies.

Now he finds some of them sticking to him whether he likes it or not.

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