Bidenomics Devastation: 5,500 Store Closures in '23 – Up 30% - Is Your Favorite Next?


What does economic growth look like? New jobs, businesses expanding, growth of the middle class?

For the Democratic Party, economic growth is apparently the mass closure of retail stores throughout the country.

Nearly 5,500 stores closed throughout 2023, a massive 30 percent increase from 2022 and the highest levels since the pandemic, the U.K. Daily Mail reported Friday.

Retailers Bed Bath & Beyond and Walgreens had the most closures, with 866 and 505, respectively, according to the Daily Mail.

Other major businesses such as Rite Aid, CVS and 7-Eleven also shuttered large numbers of locations, all largely pointing to the same reasons.

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One major reason for mass closures is bankruptcy, something that Bed Bath & Beyond, Rite Aid and Tuesday Morning all declared during 2023.

These longtime retail staples couldn’t manage to survive through even just three years of disastrous policies from the Biden administration.

The other notable reason — crime — hasn’t gotten nearly enough attention in the establishment media.

Stores such as Walgreens point the finger at rising theft rates for their high closure rates,noting that crime has been having major negative ramifications on locations’ profitability.

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Criminal activity has seen areas in liberal cities become ghost towns as retailers pack their bags and refuse to look back.

Yet in the words of President Joe Biden himself in February, “The Biden economic plan is working. It’s working.”

The policies of his administration and party have directly caused these closures.

Whether it’s Democratic district attorneys refusing to prosecute thieves in liberal cities or the insane inflation rates that have made it borderline impossible for any business to make money without hiking prices, his agenda has led to these abysmal results.

The fact there were more closures in 2023 than in 2021, a year that was still partially affected by the pandemic, is utterly damning.

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The majority of success that the Biden administration has to point to is either in comparison to the pandemic or other times during his time in office that were even worse.

Having to note that “Inflation has fallen six months straight” as a positive when the reason inflation was so high in the first place was because of Biden’s policies is completely tone-deaf and bizarre.

Naturally, in the months after Biden spoke, inflation went on to increase, immediately undermining his comments.

Biden has actively destroyed the American economy and the country’s citizens have had to pay the price for his ignorance.

Who knows how many more locations will shut down and businesses will have to declare bankruptcy if Biden has four more years in office.

The longer he sits in the Oval Office, the longer the economy struggles — it’s that simple.

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