Biden's Own CDC Now Fits His Definition of 'Neanderthals' Thanks to Outrageous Rule Change


Last week, President Joe Biden said states that allowed venues to resume operating at full capacity were engaged in “Neanderthal thinking.” On Friday, leaders from his own Centers for Disease Control made a decision that would seem to put them in the same category.

According to Axios, the CDC said it will allow shelters for children crossing the U.S.-Mexico border to operate at 100 percent capacity. This is a major change from the previous requirement that the shelters operate at approximately 50 percent capacity.

This change highlights two details about Biden’s administration, and neither is particularly good for America.

First, increasing the capacity limit is a clear sign that our country is, in fact, facing a crisis at the border. Many conservatives feel that the crisis has been fueled in part by Biden’s soft policies regarding immigration.

“The fact that the country’s premier health advisory agency is permitting a change in COVID-19 protocols indicates the scale of the immigration crisis,” Axios reported.

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According to CNN, a CDC document said that “facilities should plan for and expect to have COVID-19 cases.”

The CDC has admitted that this policy has the potential to lead to more COVID-19 cases, but it put it in place anyway. That suggests that the country is in a bind, as there is no good place to house the massive numbers of immigrant children.

Second, this policy change shows that for Biden’s administration and his CDC, COVID-19 precautions are only necessary if they fit the president’s political agenda. The pandemic became politicized a long time ago, but it has never been more obvious than it is now.

On March 2, Texas and Mississippi announced that they would lift their mask mandates and allow businesses to operate at full capacity if they wish.

Is Biden's CDC being hypocritical with this rule change?

It is important to realize that these actions don’t force businesses to operate at full capacity, nor do they prohibit citizens from wearing masks. They simply allow both businesses and individuals to make choices as they see fit.

Many people like to call that concept “freedom.” On the contrary, Biden likes to call it “Neanderthal thinking.”

Yet when his own CDC allows migrant children to be stuffed into close quarters, he has no objections. The simple reason is that in this case, the COVID-19 regulations do not fit his agenda.

There is a simple alternative to funneling migrant children into crowded shelters. The Biden administration could not let these children into the country at such a high rate, or at least stop pushing policies that encourage illegal immigration.

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Biden won’t do that, because he knows that immigration is one of the most important issues to his party. It is so important that it takes precedence over restrictions that Biden has assured us are necessary.

Meanwhile, your right to operate a business in the way you see fit is not more important than these restrictions, according to Biden. Anyone who makes such an assertion must be a Neanderthal.

In addition, the Biden administration has been completely hypocritical in its restrictions on another setting where children interact together — schools.

“The [CDC] memo also comes amid a ferocious national debate over whether and when to reopen schools,” Axios reported.

“While it states in its opening paragraph that children have been less affected by the coronavirus than adults, the memo makes clear its recommendations are only in response to rising numbers of migrant children — and don’t apply to other group settings.”

That is one of the more outrageous assertions that has been made throughout this whole pandemic. The CDC is basically saying, “Children are at less risk, but please don’t use that fact to point out how hypocritical we are being in the school reopening debate.”

The reality is that children would actually be much safer in schools than they would be in a crowded shelter. The vast majority of schools have room for physical distancing and the capacity to pursue necessary health precautions. The same cannot be said of these shelters.

Once again, it is painfully obvious that the Biden administration is not concerned with the health of Americans, but rather the enacting of its own politically motivated policies.

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Grant is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. He has five years of writing experience with various outlets and enjoys covering politics and sports.
Grant is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a bachelor's degree in journalism. He has five years of writing experience with various outlets and enjoys covering politics and sports.