Bill O'Reilly: No Question Obama Is 'Calling a Lot of the Shots for Joe Biden'


Based on the radical policies of Joe Biden’s presidency, there’s no doubt that former President Barack Obama is puppeteering the current administration. That’s the sobering assessment of conservative commentator Bill O’Reilly.

“It is him, I believe, who is calling a lot of the shots for Joe Biden,” the bestselling author told broadcaster Glenn Beck during his podcast Friday. “I don’t think there’s any question about that.”

Keep in mind for his entire 50-year career in politics, Biden marketed himself as a moderate Democrat. But that has all gone out the window, as evidenced by his apparent open-borders policies and other radical agenda items.

O’Reilly said Obama has migrated even further left since leaving office because he has been emboldened by the establishment media, which sycophantically fawn over him.

“Here’s the thing that has changed: When Obama was president for those eight years, the corporate media was still quasi-responsible,” the former Fox News host recalled.

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He explained that the establishment media loved Obama when he was in office, but they “weren’t completely in the tank” for him.

But now the former president has been elevated into an infallible left-wing icon, so no one checks him when he goes off the deep end into socialism and pushes a far-left agenda.

In fact, O’Reilly said, the media are now gleefully doing Obama’s race-hustling bidding.

“Now they are [in the tank],” he said. “Now, this brand-new world of socialism has been embraced by the greediest people on the planet — corporate media. You don’t get more greedy than them.”

O’Reilly said the media are colluding with Obama on a shrewd, mainstream grift to brainwash the public into cheerfully handing over their money to certain groups in the name of faux “social justice.”

“They’ve now ‘awoke’ and they now say, ‘Yes, we’ve got to have equity!’ he said. “And what ‘equity’ means is that certain groups get favorable treatment — including free money from the federal government — at the expense of everybody else.”

Beck agreed. He said the point of “equity” isn’t to uplift the poor and struggling. Rather, its insidious goal is to bring down the standard of living for everyone, so we’re all equally miserable.

“Equity, as defined by Marxists, means everybody ends up in exactly the same place, so it’s a massive redistribution of wealth,” Beck said.

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Beck said this pervasive recent push to teach critical race theory in schools and corporate training seminars is a result of the race war being fomented by Obama to promote “equity,” or wealth redistribution.

“Barack Obama also began this war of race, which is horrific,” he said.

Essentially, Beck is suggesting that critical race theory is being weaponized — from elementary schools to universities to corporate America — to mobilize black resentment and white guilt to redistribute wealth on a mass scale.

Numerous conservatives — including black commentators such as Robert Woodson, Thomas Sowell and Shelby Steele — have asserted that this is what Black Lives Matter, CRT and the race riots are really about: taking money from one group to give to another.

O’Reilly said Obama is driving the bus on this entire destructive “woke” movement because Biden is a clueless puppet merely doing what he’s being told to do.

“Joe Biden doesn’t know what he wants,” O’Reilly said.

Whether or not you like O’Reilly, there’s a lot of truth to his observations. Unfortunately, that means Americans are in for a terrifying four years.

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