Single Adult Male Border Crossers Being Flown Into US Cities by Biden's DHS: Report


The daily barrage of illegal aliens at the border has skyrocketed so catastrophically that single, adult male migrants are now being flown to cities across the United States, where they’re released — maybe into your neighborhood.

Indeed, the border crisis is so undeniably bad that even liberal media outlets such as NBC News are reporting on it.

Naturally, these outlets downplay the disaster, but the underlying data is indisputable: The U.S. is being flooded with mass caravans of unvetted illegal aliens every day.

Last week, 15 single adult men who got caught illegally crossing the border were released to a local shelter, “where they waited for flights and buses that would take them to cities across the U.S.,” NBC News reported Wednesday.

“Border wide, approximately 15 percent of single adults and 65 percent of families are released into the U.S. rather than expelled, according to Customs and Border Protection data from April,” the report said.

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The reason the illegal aliens are being released is that migrant detention facilities are now so overcrowded there’s simply no room to house any more people.

Exacerbating the situation is that Mexico — which had agreed under the Trump administration to take back some of the illegal aliens who snuck into the U.S. — is limiting the number of migrants it allows to be returned.

And why shouldn’t Mexico play hardball with the Biden administration? After all, President Joe Biden made the disastrous decision to end former President Donald Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, which required migrants to stay in that country while awaiting a hearing on their status.

Like any other sovereign nation that’s watching out for the well-being of its citizens, Mexico does not want hordes of unvetted illegal aliens to barrage its country.

Why? Because such a deluge would overburden its social services resources, decimate its economy and ignite a public health crisis during a pandemic.

Like any other reasonable nation, Mexico also does not want to take back scores of convicted felons and child rapists.

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In the two months between Feb. 19 and April 22, the Biden administration flew 7,200 illegal aliens on commercial airplanes without requiring them to show a negative COVID test or valid identification of any kind, according to Texas Republican Rep. August Pfluger.

Who paid for these flights? Did anyone in Congress approve this plan to scatter unvetted migrants all across the country? Did any American vote for this?

Brian Hastings, the chief of the Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol Sector in Texas, told NBC News his agency is often forced to release scores of illegal aliens after apprehending them because Mexico refuses to take them back.

“When they run out of shelter space a lot of times they were telling different Border Patrol sectors, ‘No, we can no longer take any additional people because we don’t have additional housing or we don’t have additional space in a lot of our facilities,'” he said.

A DHS representative confirmed to NBC News that its ability to expel illegal aliens from the U.S. is limited by “Mexico’s ability and capacity to receive those individuals.”

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Keep in mind that the United States gives Mexico hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign aid every year, partly to incentivize it to stem the daily flood of migrants illegally crossing into the U.S.

Why is taxpayer money being wasted to subsidize this anti-American nonsense? The United States is already struggling under the weight of alarmingly high inflation, a flailing economy and escalating race wars.

We simply do not have the luxury to import more problems that would further destabilize the nation.

It is time for the Biden administration to do its job, which is to prioritize the needs of struggling Americans over those of foreign nationals that even Mexico doesn’t want.

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