Civil Rights Icon Calls Out White Guilt as Liberal Racism: 'It's Insulting'


Civil rights icon Robert Woodson blasted the race-hustling left for infantilizing the black community and weaponizing white guilt to stoke racial resentment among black people.

He said he’d rather deal with an overt bigot over the covert white supremacist masquerading as a patronizing white liberal who perpetuates the left’s bigotry of low expectations for black people.

Woodson is the founder of the nonpartisan Woodson Center and the 1776 Unites campaign, whose aim is to counter the anti-American rhetoric of The New York Times’ 1619 Project.

He called white guilt “insulting” because it’s premised on the racist notion that black people can’t achieve anything on their own and constantly need the help of liberal “white saviors.”

“It’s insulting. In fact, I was telling some people I prefer the old-fashioned bigot than somebody who patronizes me and tells me they’re sorry for being white,” Woodson said Wednesday on Just the News’ “John Solomon Reports” podcast.

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“Give me an old-fashioned bigot, because I think at least they have a level of respect that some of these guilty white people who are … professing white guilt [lack]. I find them disgusting.”

He said patronizing white liberals don’t realize that excusing black underachievement or lowering standards inhibits success and self-reliance.

“To me, it’s liberal racism, because you’re treating people as impotent children,” Woodson said. “I want to say to guilty white people, ‘Stop helping us! Yes, please stop helping us!'”

The 83-year-old civil rights legend said the left has cleverly weaponized the race card to attack and silence its political opponents in order to control the black community — and by extension, the black vote.

Do you agree with Woodson?

Woodson underscored that this is precisely what Democrats did in the lead-up to the November election.

The goal of the countless Black Lives Matter riots and protests last year was to foment and harness black resentment by demonizing white people in general and the Republican Party in particular.

“They’re doing this in the name of ‘pursuing justice for blacks,’ but I don’t think they care at all about blacks,” he said.

“They’re just weaponizing the race issue for political purposes. And that’s what we saw active in this last campaign.”

Unfortunately, Woodson said, Republicans have failed miserably at countering the left’s deft exploitation of the race card.

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The right allows itself to get dragged into pointless debates about race, which constantly puts them on the defensive.

Remember: If you’re playing defense, you are losing. You must go on the offense.

“Unfortunately, our friends on the right are engaged in a counterdebate over the issues, in many cases, that are not helpful,” Goodson lamented. “The American public are desperate for nonracial solutions, but they’re not being offered very much.”

The white guilt phenomenon we see in the United States is premised on the country’s slavery past.

If you listen to the left’s race-hustling howls, you’d get the false impression that all Americans owned slaves during the slavery era.

That is false. Most people in the Northern states did not own slaves, and in the South, only the rich could afford slaves.

Yet millions of clueless liberals (whose ancestors never owned slaves) suffer from such deep-seated white guilt that they kneel before random black people (most of whom are not descendants of slaves).

Economist Thomas Sowell said liberals with white guilt were brainwashed as children because of the leftist teachings of American public schools.

This messaging is then repeatedly parroted and amplified by the liberal media, universities, Hollywood and Big Tech.

“They hear the same [left-wing] narrative and are not taught how to test things against facts,” Sowell told Fox News host Mark Levin in June.

“They’re just taught to repeat these slogans [such as ‘black lives matter’]. And when you try to talk to them in terms of facts, they think you’re trying to confuse them.”

Leftists and their media lapdogs constantly foment resentment among black Americans over slavery. They pretend that slavery was solely an American institution and that the United States introduced slavery to the world.

In reality, slavery existed on every continent in the world for thousands of years before it came to America.

Slavery is not an experience that is unique to black Americans. Every race was enslaved at some point. But the left constantly shrieks about an institution that a white Republican president ended over 150 years ago.

Sowell said black slavery exists in many African and Muslim countries to this day. But there’s no left-wing or media outrage over the actual systemic racism against blacks in the Middle East or Africa.

Why? “Because there is no money to be made denouncing it and no political advantages to be gained,” he explained.

Sowell has repeatedly underscored that “the number of whites who were enslaved in North Africa by the Barbary pirates exceeded the number of Africans enslaved in the United States and in the American colonies before that put together.”

He continued: “When slavery is mentioned, too many people automatically think of whites enslaving blacks. That is not even one-tenth of the story of slavery, which existed on every inhabited continent.

“The very word ‘slave’ derives from the word for some white people who were enslaved on a mass scale — the Slavs — for more centuries than blacks were enslaved in the Western Hemisphere.”

Unfortunately, thanks to the left’s wholesale takeover of the media, academia, Hollywood and Big Tech, false narratives about racism and slavery continue to be rabidly pushed in the United States and around the world.

Why? Because the grievance industry is a lucrative cash cow for many race-baiting grifters.

Just ask the Rev. Al Sharpton, who has his own TV show after rocketing to fame in the 1980s for championing Tawana Brawley, a black woman who falsely accused four white men of gang-raping her. That turned out to be a hoax.

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