Black Author Reveals What Living with Whites is Really Like... Libs Won't Like It


Is America a deeply racist nation, or is this largely a myth being spread by people who push division instead of unity?

There’s no easy answer, but one African-American author gave liberals a lot to think about with his response to the racism question.

Twitter user KimmyDarling decided Saturday that she knew best about what it’s like to be a black man in America — despite the fact that she’s a white woman on Twitter.

“The anxiety and depression I would have today, had I been born a black male in this country — I know I couldn’t survive it,” she wailed in a Twitter post that received thousands of likes.

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“There is absolutely NOTHING to justify the blatant oppression they experience, every. single. day. Nothing,” she continued.

What exactly was the “blatant oppression” that Kimmy was so distraught over? Several men were recently arrested after they allegedly refused to leave a Philadelphia Starbucks. An employee told them that they were trespassing, and when they would not leave after being repeatedly asked to do so, the police were called.

According to Kimmy, a loitering arrest is now tantamount to terrorism. “Because, White People? Imagine having to consider the question, WHERE ARE WE SAFE??? Is this not terroristic? #BoycottStarbucks #BlackLivesMatter,” she opined.

That’s when this “white knight” crusading for black lives was put in her place by a surprising voice: An actual black male.

Are leftist voices exaggerating racism in America?

“I was born a black male in this country,” responded Oliver Campbell, an African-American author and entertainment journalist.

“I live in a VERY white state,” he continued. “I don’t have anxiety and I don’t have depression from it.”

Campbell shared a glimpse into the horrors of being a “black male in this country,” as Kimmy had written.

“You know what happens when I go out in my yard in the suburbs and wave at the neighbors while doing yardwork?” Oliver Cambell asked. “They wave back.”

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Sadly but not surprisingly, Campbell was quickly called an “Uncle Tom” by leftists on Twitter for daring to shatter the narrative of a dangerously racist country.

Campbell pushed back against people who called him a race traitor. “So, one black person uses a racial slur against another one because… why, exactly?” he wondered. “I grew up homeless and in the projects. I kept my nose clean, finished school, and worked hard to have what I do.”

The exchange between KimmyDarling and Oliver Campbell is a perfect summary of the current “social justice” situation in America today.

On one side, we have a white liberal woman who has been told that all of America is racist. She repeats this claim eagerly, even going so far as to speak for black men and to declare that she “couldn’t survive” being black in today’s United States.

The problem, of course, is that she’s reacting to a world that only exists in her head.

Campbell — an actual black male who grew up poor — lives the reality that KimmyDarling fears. What is it like to be black in his neighborhood? people of different races are friendly and wave to each other. The horror! Think of the children.

Let’s be clear: Racism may still exist throughout the United States, but it’s the exception, not the norm. Like many negative things, you can find it if you go looking for it, however that doesn’t mean that it defines the entire country.

The liberal social justice crowd seems intent on dividing people and screaming racism at every turn. Ironically, this damages the great progress we’ve made over the last century, and drives a wedge between groups who might otherwise have much in common.

Constantly seeing everything through the lens of race is the opposite of Martin Luther King Jr.’s colorblind dream. Here’s a better idea: Instead of looking to find offense, maybe we should act more like Mr. Campbell, and work to be good neighbors in an America that all citizens share.

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