Black Reporter Blows Liberals' Minds, Sets Record Straight on Police Shootings & Black Suspects

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In St. Louis, Missouri, Bonette Meeks was recently arrested for killing a police officer.

Circumstances of the arrest went viral.

Elliott Davis recounted the arrest Tuesday in a Facebook post that has more than 8,000 shares in roughly 24 hours. Davis, an African American investigative reporter for KTVI from St. Louis, took the opportunity to attack one of the left’s most popular narratives.

“The arrest of a suspect in the murder of Officer[Michael] Langsdorf dispels the line that’s been fed to the African American community for years now,” Davis said. “But you won’t hear anyone point it out or highlight it.”

And he’s right. Davis’ tale is not a story that the mainstream media wants to repeat.

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“We have heard time and again, and it’s a line that’s been fed to young blacks,” Davis continued. “That police just want to gun down innocent African Americans for no reason at all, just because they’re black. That officers are inclined to just walk up to an innocent African American family dining in the Central West End and just shoot them dead for no reason.”

You can feel the proverbial nervousness from those on the left as they anticipate what this man is about to write. Their ever-precarious hold on the minds of black Americans is lessening every day.

And Davis’ words are not about to help the left’s cause.

“What no one really points out in this horrible murder of Officer Michael Langsdorf is that, while the officer is dead, shot to death by the accused murder suspect; that suspect Bonette Meeks is still alive,” Davis said. “If ever there was someone who could have ended up shot to death by police, it’s the suspect police accuse of killing the officer. A suspect who was armed and obviously dangerous. But that didn’t happen.”

What’s this? There are noble, nonracist and honorable police officers? Will someone please tell Barack Obama?

Wouldn’t the police be emotionally charged and want to inflict evil for evil? Wouldn’t they want to serve vigilante justice to avenge Langsdorf’s death?

“Despite how devastated police were by the shooting of Officer Langsford, and despite knowing how dangerous the criminal suspect was, Meeks was arrested without being hurt,” Davis said while applauding the reasonable tact used by law enforcement. “Police say he still had the gun used to kill the officer on him when he was caught. Still, he was taken peacefully into their custody. He was not assassinated, not gunned down.”

And, as Davis pointed out, the self-control law enforcement showed resembled nothing of the barbaric actions Meeks allegedly showed their fellow officer as he killed him.

“Police say that’s not an option he gave Officer Langsdorf,” Davis wrote. “The Officer was knocked nearly unconscious. Police say the suspect stood over the officer who was lying face down on the floor and fired the bullet, execution style, striking the officer in the neck. It was the execution of a police officer. Yet, the suspect walked away. I don’t hear the usual cast of elected officials who always condemn police officers offer any words of praise for restraint above and beyond the call in capturing the suspect.”

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But as powerful as Davis’ words were, it was his conclusion that is the most powerful. He encourages America’s leaders to celebrate when police officers do it right. He tells people of influence that they could make a difference if positive stories such as these were told more often.

“Such words from our leaders might have helped point out to people in some communities that maybe it’s not true that police are trying to gun down every black person they see,” Davis said. “It might have made a difference in changing attitudes of some of those against law enforcement. I guess the peaceful capture of accused Police killer Bonette Meeks doesn’t fit the narrative.”

Unfortunately, Mr. Davis, it does not fit the narrative for some.

But as for me and The Western Journal, I applaud your post and your message.

God bless you for speaking the truth.

And God bless those in uniform who put their lives on the line every day to protect everyone from the worst among us.

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