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Blind and Severely Malnourished Dog Rescued from Streets by Police, Looks Like Brand-New Dog Nearly 1 Month Later


When an animal is found in terrible condition, theories, insults and accusations fly. People’s righteous indignation gets stirred up — for good reason — and they want justice for the poor creature.

But all the anger and investigating in the world won’t necessarily help an abused animal recover — that takes dedication, care and donations from people who want to make a difference.

One poor, seemingly elderly pit bull mix was found in horrible shape on the streets in Adams, Massachusetts, in July. The Adams Police Department posted about the dog, as the case was severe and they needed to track down the owner.

“We are extremely disheartened with the need to request any information on locating the owner of this dog,” the department shared on Facebook on July 30.

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“She is a Pitbull mix located in the East Hoosac Street area. She is beyond malnourished and we are working to contact vet services for assistance. If anyone has any information please let us know. She is a very sweet dog but appears to be blind as well.”

The photo is heartbreaking, showing a dog with cloudy, gray eyes and every bone showing.

But then, some good news.

“Update: The dog is currently cleared from the vet and back in our care,” the department posted later in the day. “We want to thank everyone for the generous offers to help. At this time the Animal Control Officer will facilitate any future efforts to help with the dog’s care. Please understand that this is an open investigation. Please be respectful in the comments.”

In the comments, however, a war was brewing. One woman claimed the dog had been hers but that she’d given it to someone else months ago when it started to look sick.

The woman claimed the dog hadn’t looked that bad while in her care, and she accused the “friend” who said he’d fix the dog up of letting it deteriorate and setting it loose on the streets.

The “friend” retorted that the woman knew about the dog’s condition and had photos to prove it. From there, things spiraled out of control.

On the bright side, if the woman truly is the owner and she or the friend is at fault, they’ve identified themselves on the police’s post.

As for the dog, she couldn’t care less about what was happening on social media, as she finally was getting medical care and food and living well.

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“We’re happy to update people, that while the investigation is still open the dog is doing much better,” the police department shared in an update on Tuesday. “She is currently in private care under the supervision of our Animal Control Officer.

“At this time we’re asking the public for donations to contribute to the ongoing medical care which includes daily doses of insulin among a specialized food diet.

“Donations of checks can be made out to the ‘Town of Adams’ and cash is certainly accepted at the Adams Police Department. Any donation will contribute to the ongoing care of this dog as well as future cases. We want to thank everyone who has been supportive and understanding.”

People in the comments voiced their relief to see the dog looking much healthier and enjoying a nap on the couch, and many offered to donate cash, send care packages or help pay for specialty food.

Despite the ugliness that can take place in the world, there is still hope for good when people unite over a common cause.

While the dog now is in good hands, hopefully the police can close her case, and those responsible for her condition will receive the appropriate repercussions.

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