Booker Campaign Promise: Create Abortion Initiative Office in the White House


New Jersey Democratic Sen. Corey Booker, who in February announced his intentions to make a run for the White House, has a new strategy to set himself up as an even bigger fan of destroying children in the womb than his Democratic competitors.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, Booker wants to create a special unit in the White House he calls the “White House Office of Reproductive Freedom.”

The term “reproductive freedom” is a less unpleasant way for Democrats to describe abortion — since the “White House Office of Killing Babies” probably wouldn’t go over well with moderates and independent voters come 2020.

The plan, which is being called an initiative to “advance reproductive rights,” comes on the heels of Alabama’s pro-life law that offers the highest level of protection across the country for innocent babies. It’s also a law that received major backlash from liberals, who can’t stand the idea of not being able to abort babies at will.

Announcing the plan in a Medium post, Booker wrote, “I stand with those leading the fight for reproductive freedom and will continue to fight to protect the constitutional right to abortion and ensure that everyone has real access to reproductive health care.”

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But that’s not all.

Booker used the common disguise that outfits like Planned Parenthood use to make the topic more digestible, promising to address “all barriers to full reproductive autonomy, such as access to health care, including maternal and infant health, quality, affordable child care, and comprehensive paid family leave.”

That also would include the expansion of teen pregnancy programs to give teens more “options” — yet another code word for aborting babies.

Enabling promiscuous teens by giving them “options” for unwanted pregnancies is the last thing this country needs right now. Get pregnant unintentionally? No problem, Booker says it’s your “right” to terminate the baby’s life, no big deal.

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And it doesn’t stop there.

Booker also said he would use his first budget, if he wins the Oval Office, to try to repeal the Hyde Amendment, legislation that blocks federal funds — primarily Medicaid — from being used to pay for abortions, short of extreme exceptions.

If that’s repealed, one can only imagine how many more innocent babies could have their lives taken away, as there are a staggering 74 million Americans on Medicaid, according to Statista.

Liberals tend to push the narrative that abortions protect women from having babies conceived after incest or rape, but recent statistics from one state showed that most abortions are “elective” in nature and not related to a woman’s health, rape or incest.

But don’t expect Democrats or the liberal mainstream media to clarify that anytime soon.

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While it would be a disaster at this point in time for any Democrat to be elected president, electing Booker and his aggressive pro-abortion stance would be nothing less than a total nightmare.

For the sake of unborn humans everywhere, we should all say an extra prayer to make sure this guy never gets close to winning the 2020 presidential election.

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